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Fairies Wear Boots, or, My Adventures As a Reluctant Rennie

This was a lot of fun to read, and you look fabulous!I find that the Ren Fest puts me on edge. As an introvert, I'm not really fond of talking to strangers, so the constant threat of being approached by an Elizabethan spouting stranger that is imminent at the faire is kind of too much for me.

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I Want To Be One More

My experience is that many M.D.'s do not keep up on current research once they get their letters. I also find that they rely pretty heavily on the information fed to them by pharmaceutical reps. I don't believe that doctors are trying to "swindle" patients, but I do think that some may be too overworked/lazy/complacent/ brainwashed to seek and provide complete information that is applicable and appropriate to each and every individual they see each day.If you feel comfortable taking doctors' opinion at face value simply because they have "M.D." after their name, you do so at your own risk. Any good doctor encourages patients to seek second and third opinions. Seeking additional information does not make one paranoid. Neglecting to do so, in my opinion, is wreckless. Somehow I suspect that if this discussion were on cancer treatment instead of vaccines that we would all be in agreement.

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Parenting & Obesity

We've always been health conscious with our girls' diet. We made their baby food, limited the candy, juice, and processed food, they didn't have pop until they were probably five, etc., etc. I do think all this has paid off in a lot of ways. They make as healthy as possible choices at the school cafeteria, they will eat a decent variety of foods, and Subway is their favorite fast food joint. That said, I still find that encouraging healthy eating, especially in girls (and especially as they get older), is very tricky. Although food and weight has never been my particular area of neurosis, guilt/control/shame issues associated with food are everywhere, and I think that we as parents can sometimes accidentally cross the line into those areas in the name of trying to promote healthy eating. I'm still figuring things out, but I am not a fan of the "FAT is the enemy" approach. Lately, the emphasis around here has been on activity, balance, and that the occasional binge of root beer and cookies is no reason to beat yourself up.

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Adieu, adieu, to you and you and you

Although it is true that some people who blog here don't work for the World Co., I don't think any of the of the non-World Co.affiliated bloggers are employed by other news organizations. Assuming that this new job is backed by another news organization, I think it makes perfect sense that Joel would stop writing for this one --- especially when you consider that blogging here does not pay.

Blogging for free for your old employer, when your new job is blogging for pay for a national website, doesn't make a lot of sense to me.

Congratulations, Joel. Your gain is this company's loss.

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Maybe Tegan and Sara were right

Sounds like there's at least one in every crowd.

There was a guy with the overly-exuberant "whoo-hooing" / fists thrown above the head syndrome who nearly ruined the last half of the Gillian Welch show at Liberty Hall a few months ago. People were surprisingly patient with him as he pushed his way to the front of the crowd late in the evening, but finally united against him when he decided to light up a cigarette and blow it right on the performers.

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Guess the Nasty Bar Bathroom

I'm going to guess Harbor Lights on number 3.

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Bottled vs Tap

Misty, don't run those suckers through the dishwasher too many times...leaching from plastic bottles is our latest household "don't want my girls to get their period at age 7" concern. (there's a blog about it at

One time a friend of mine was eating at a tourist cafe near the ruins of Technocticlan outside Mexico City and saw one of the cooks out back filling up the "filtered" water jug (the one used to serve customers) with the hose.

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Just asking: UPDATED with a contest announcement

Do any ljworld readers actually like the new arrangement of the paper?

Just asking.

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What I'm Reading 2007: Vol. 2

Yes, as I was watching No Reservations last night, I realized it was another show I'm willing to admit to liking, although, sometimes the producers jack with it too much. The "Fear and Loathing" theme from the Las Vegas episode reeked of a 20 something intern who had just discovered Hunter S. Thompson.

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What I'm Reading 2007: Vol. 2

I've gotten further in Omnivore's Dilemma than I did in his other book, "The Botany of Desire". I swear the only thing I remember from that one is something about Johnny Appleseed being an effeminate hobo. I'm currently stuck on the last chapter of OD. It's a great work, but none of it has shocked me - except the part about corn being in EVERYTHING.

I recently enjoyed The Glass Castle and The Namesake. I should make it down to Liberty to see the movie if it's still there.

Leslie, what are you watching? I'm guessing it's decent, maybe even an HBO series, if you're unapologetic. The only show I admit to watching is Grey's Anatomy. Love Sandra OH, Izzy drives me nuts.

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