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Pack it up: Put something different in kids' lunch boxes this year

I really appreciate these recipes--I quickly run out of ideas for my daughter's lunches. She has always loved soba noodles and spring rolls, so she will be excited to find these in her lunch box.
I'm not sure why people continue to think of "kid food" as being different from adult food. Kids will eat the same foods as adults if they are given no option from the beginning. I know kids can be picky, but I also think adults have the tendency to project their ideas of what is kid-friendly onto children's meals.

Thank you for these suggestions!

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Western Union: 'Only Good Indian' explores cultural history through revisionist drama

This actually premieres tomorrow night if I'm not mistaken--7:05pm Liberty Hall, Friday Nov. 6th

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Help's Angels

WhooHooo!!! We love you Jean Ann!!
This turned our beautifully--well done Tom, Richard and everyone involved!

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you guys are hilarious

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