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No gimmick: Portland's Blind Pilot are finally getting recognized for the right reasons

it was at the bottleneck- i went to the show. and, it was wonderful! one of my favorite bands and i'm glad they are rolling back through town. a definite must see!

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Turtle Rides Robot Vacuum

love daily dose, gavon! keep up the funnies

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Lone Steer BBQ

My husband and I were pretty excited to check this place out, being that it was a Texas bbq joint and that we missed that type of fare desperately after moving back to Lawrence from Texas.What a pleasant surprise- this place rocked the texas bbq house much more than we thought it even could! The environment inside was just like some texas bbq joints we remember and loved and the staff was more than friendly and accommodating. They gave us a sample of the ribs which made ordering easy because they were freaking delicious. We sampled a few sides as well and were impressed with how authentic and unique they were. The bbq beans were not out of the can tasting and they had fresh apple in them as well - something that worked quite well. My husband was stoked that they had fried okra and that it didn't suck and even our 2 yr old thought the ribs were awesome (and she's rather picky these days). In my opinion, this place is by far the best in Lawrence. Kudos to the founders of this place- you did it right - and that's coming from a Texan! We will be back again and again and I highly recommend that people check it out - totally worth it.

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New Franklin Panthers -- 02/01/08 at Jackpot Music Hall

you should check this show out- saw one at the bottleneck and it was bad ass

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Mad Greek Restaurant

i was going to take the time to write a comment and then read emilyhadley's and so i'll just say "well said". that place sucks and i cannot believe i just paid ten bucks for the most mediocre (that's being generous) meal of all time. ugh. i had a faint memory of their buffet not sucking in 94 - the last time i went. we finally decided to go again and it was truly awful. our waiter was nice but that's where it ends. cheap ingredients, bitchy smelly people, and waayyyyy overpriced for what you got. yu-u-cky.

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Hayes Hamburger & Chili

i have to agree with murderama- hayes is less than impressive. my husband and i have given hayes a chance three times and two out of three we found ourselves disappointed.
i think the main problem is the owner. our last experience (oh, and it was an experience) there involved our food taking over an hour to arrive (and the order was incorrect). our waitress was crying because the owner was repromanding her publicly for something that was not her fault. a patron then yelled at the owner for this saying more or less that he was an ass (i would have to agree). half of the staff didn't know what they were making - we witnessed this first hand because we sat at the bar. more than one table walked out before their orders arrived for obvious reasons.
the entire time the owner was bitching about things not being done correctly but wouldn't even help his staff. apparently he has yet to realize that he's where it starts when it comes to a successful business.
so... overall, that place sucks. it's too bad too, because it has potential to be a great greasy spoon joint.

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Sylas and Maddy's Homemade Ice Cream

yummy! i love sylas + maddy's! a wonderful lawrence establishment that i hope keeps rocking for a long time. i kind of wish they would accept credit cards again, though...
it won't keep me from visiting though- i'm addicted! :)

May 30, 2006 at 1:17 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Cafe Beautiful

it's pretty much like going to Wa or any other sushi restaurant in the area as far as price goes. they have a sushi menu as well as dinner menus/options.
it's definitely worth checking out if it works w/ in your budget!

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Cafe Beautiful

My husband and I decided to check out this place because of the little "featured restaurant" piece on I was curious as to how this place would fare here and I must say, I am very impressed!
The sushi was some of the best I have had in years- this includes what used to be available to me living in a very large city highly populated with five star sushi establishments. I enjoyed the smaller, upstairs location, and the decor fit well with the concept of the restaurant. The service was great and the presentation of the food was excellent. You could tell that the chef used high quality ingredients. He did not skimp on the sushi cuts, either- which, btw- were insanely fresh and melted in your mouth. Once the tables were filled, it was a very cozy place to enjoy a fabulous dinner on a cold winter night in wonderful downtown Lawrence. There is something about that place that makes you want to stay for a while, as the overview on said.
Lawrence is lucky to have such a fine new establishment such as this and I wish them the best of luck. I look forward to dining there again. My husband and I keep commenting to each other on how excellent the cuisine was. One note- wine/beer is byob. You may want to call ahead of time to find out the specifics on that, as well as make a reservation.

December 9, 2005 at 10:46 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Local Burger

I think their concept is very strong, and with a few tweaks, this place has great potential. In fact, I think Lawrence really needed something like Local. The one thing that has kept me from going back are the portions vs. prices. It seemed as if I had spent $9 for an ice cream scoop of tuna salad and a natural soda. I left hungry and ended up getting something else somewhere else. I thought the food itself was great but the portions were definitely an issue. My husband ordered a burger and it was decent sized but came with nothing else at all. For the same price, he could have had a great burger at Freestate with fries, etc. So, my one complaint would be the above. Other than that, the service was great, the atmosphere was well thought out and they have a great selection on the menu.

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