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The Turnpike Music Showcase

Wow, Fally, what a pleasant surprise! Thanks so much!


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Nameless No More

Congrats on the coverage, Joe! See you in the trenches!

Also, hi, Matt, Phil, David, Justin. Good to see that you've affected so many of my good friends' lives as well.

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Like a Phoenix from the Ass

After having seen Lil Wayne's new tattoos during his triumphant performance at this year's Grammy Awards actor-turned-rapper Joaquin Phoenix decided to invest in some fresh ink of his own.

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"Black Friday" with The O's / Waterfowl Habitat / Greg Enemy / Iggy Baby -- 11/28/08 at Bottleneck

This show is at the BOTTLENECK, I repeat, THE BOTTLENECK at 737 New Hampshire.

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Jeremy Enigk -- 11/26/08 at Bottleneck

Correction -The Life and Times had to cancel. Lawrence, KS' Cowboy Indian Bear is now

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Don't take this the wrong way, but...

Once you go 'Rack, you never go back.

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Don't take this the wrong way, but...

"No, actually, it doesn't wash off....WAIT A MINUTE..."

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oh!mr Songwriter Showcase -- 05/01/08 at Jazzhaus

We will be featuring some talented singer/songwriters from here in Northeast Kansas at the Jazzhaus in Lawrence, KS, a longstanding forum for a wide variety of performers for many years now.The line-up includes Rusty Scott, Tyler Gregory, Margo May, CJ Calhoun (Kennedy Luck Club), Doby Watson, Taylor Dunn (Making Beds/Jump Rope for Heart), Rebecca Watts (Les Somniferes), Marty Kwahs and Chris Luxem.They will all be performing abbreviated sets throughout the evening so make sure you get there early to catch all the performances! We'll also have free copies of oh!mr. Volume One, a compilation we released in January that features an unreleased track from Rusty Scott! See you there!

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