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Yourself and the Air / The Noise FM -- 02/11/08 at Replay Lounge

Chicago, Illinois' Yourself and The Air formed in mid-2006 after having been friends for a while and getting together routinely to jam. After vocalist/guitarist Erick Crosby, guitarist Nicholas Sinclair and drummer Drew Rasmussen recorded demos with keyboardist Jeff Pappendorf he opted to leave the band to pursue his schooling. James David joined on bass and, 18 months later, they've managed to release an EP, go on tour and have recently released a full-length album, Cold Outside Brings Heavy Thoughts to Think, which they are currently touring in support of. Drawing from influences like Radiohead, Sunset Rubdown, At The Drive-In and Smashing Pumpkins, Yourself and The Air's sound finds its footing in the unhinged, rapturous vocal melodies of Wolf Parade and takes cues from the earlier mentioned bands, their songs bright and commanding from the word "go".

Cold Outside Brings Heavy Thoughts to Think was recorded in Chicago with producer Matt Opal. They were also able to record a portion of the album at Eudora, KS' storied Black Lodge Studios. Not bad considering the members had "all done music before YATA, but nothing serious, (had) no prior experiences to playing out and very (few) recording experiences". A DIY mentality (they booked this current tour themselves and the album is an independent release) met with their reverent post-rock should help keep them moving forward assuredly.

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Morris Mars / Waterfowl Habitat / The Snuggle Bugs / Hands to Yrself -- 02/14/08 at Eighth Street Tap Room

oh!mr. and The Eighth Street Taproom present Mingle & Floss, a celebration of love/lust and the one day a year we get to leave our inhibitions at home to babysit the kids.

We'll have some great music from Morris Mars, Waterfowl Habitat, and The Snugglebugs. Yes, this is a DANCE PARTY. Yes, there will be hands to hold and alcohol to purchase. Make this YOUR night, no, OUR night. Together. At last.

Mars is a secret

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