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Editors' note: Unfortunate changes in staffing

Okay, they've let me back in. Maybe it was just a flub in the accounts, I don't know. But what I really wanted to say was how nice it was to hear from our generation of bloggers! We're all here hanging out and talking! When was the last time that happened?!? Good to hear from all you guys and gals.

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Editors' note: Unfortunate changes in staffing

LJWorld already threw away when it canceled the print edition. It was a touchstone in the community, and they turned their back on it by not paying bloggers, firing editors, ignoring the developing models of monetized sites (instead relying exclusively on ad revenues), avoiding creativity in it's business model, and ignoring exclusive content. Instead, they decided to turn the site into a link depository (no editing needed!), leading viewers away from the site, while running duplicate stories on (again, making viewers look AWAY from the site). What did they expect unique page views to do? Go up?

Phil and Gavon were only holding the shambling thing together, frantically plugging the leaks in the ship while waiting for either a financial cutback or a department shutdown to kill them. They did it out of faith to the past, to the town, and to the community; or what there was left of it. Because refreshing leadership sure as hell wasn't coming. It's clear; management strangled the content. They took the first and foremost web presence in Lawrence and made it a dust bowl. They did it by being stupid and short sighted and limiting their hired talents' skills.

[To the Editors] I mean, Christ, you threw away a (actually not A, THE ONLY) hip, viably profitable newsweekly and actually managed to damage the community. It was the town's printed schedule! Your damned paper used to LITERALLY draw friends and me out of our offices at lunch so we could peruse it on Wednesdays over lunch, thanks to the full schedule and the brilliantly attractive layout. Who else can claim that?!? The Onion? Vice? Well, follow their business models, it's easy enough to find a copy. When I moved here in 2004 I made friends over talking about what was in (Can't anyone remember Willie the Warlock?!?). It was a water cooler for the entirety of downtown. And you threw it away, you absolutely threw it away.

So, what's wrong with going back to the old ways an making them new? 2004, I mean. Here's what you do, invite these positions back and start the presses ( I Have names, but it feels rude):
•Community/Articles Editor
•Head Writer under EIC only
•Entertainment / Creative Director
•Layout /Art Direction
•5-10 COMrades: Go back to paying and editing them. The content, with knowledgeable editing, will generate web search responses.
•Find a student intern to fine tune your Adsense draws. Get rid of those electronic cigarette ads!
•Hire a service like Project Wonderful to feed you ad content.
•Develop a paypal based subscriber side service with exclusive content in addition to your impressive free side. Micro payments. I'd pay $5 bucks a month for exclusive heads up ads and drink deals and door passwords for show discounts. EVERY. BODY. WOULD. And it would cost you nothing.

Boom, I just fixed your shit. You're welcome.

Keep it local. Keep it profitable. But dammit above all, just keep it.

- Matt Armstrong

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The Soundtrack To Hell

Sounds like me in the shower. Or at the grocery store. Or right now. Whatever.

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Review: BioShock 2 (360)

It should be said out right that I'm a huge fan of the first one (as written here:, and as such biased in favor. But I'm sorry, this doesn't read like much of the game was played or it was really rushed through, like it's just a list off the back of the game (which also pumps dual wielding, which you could do in Bioshock). You don't even mention the new Rumblers and especially the Big Sister, one of the most genuinely overwhelming enemies since the original daddies.

I had the same "More of the same" sensation from the setting for all of 30 minutes, until I thought I had her cornered in the Adonis' Grand Foyer. She panics and cuts the wall away, flooding the area and allowing you to leave Rapture. Exploring around the city, finding what damage man can do even when sealed away hits you just as hard as the intro to the first game.

I could talk about the good of these games for hours. The only complaint that I have so far is that I wish I would've played through 1 again, because this one starts right out with Splicers everywhere and Daddies and Sisters to deal with, so it's much harder.

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This Is Photobomb

I will always have a softspot for Moshzilla.

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Fruit on my tenderloins

When someone says that any cut of meat is bad, they are admitting that they just don't know what to do with it. Pork Tenderloin is the best cut of meat from the animal that gives us Bacon. That's saying something.

One thought I had reading this was that I very rarely marinade mine or include some heavily flavored stuffing or sauce. I think if you stop buying meat that has an ingredient list you'll find that it's not all that necessary.

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Paul Stanley Stage Banter

Legendary. A true test in patience. Here's the scary part; that's 7 minutes. The whole CD is 70! You can grab the whole thing here:

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Primal fears: The best horror films of the decade

What's the difference between a horror movie and a terrifying movie? Is Irreversible (2002) technically a horror movie? Or Zodiac (2007)? Or The Bridge (2006)? There are some pretty tense moments in a lot of horror movies, but there are other, less easily categorized films than do more than scare or shock you. They change you, make you realize that you're one step away from the tragic. A truly scary movie makes life a little less comfortable, and a little more enjoyable.

A few years ago, Screenland in KC screened a festival style compilation called 100 Best Kills, which was a series of just the best movie deaths, sans context. It was amazing how vulnerable you felt coming out of that. That, now THAT, was straight up death porn.

I wonder if I can find a copy to show friends?

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Better Know Your Balloon Boy

And except for Falcon busting the parents on CNN for telling him to "do it for the show".

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