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13 things to kick off 2013

As president of the Kansas Music Hall of Fame, I look forward to seeing a big crowd at the show on March 2. Chuck Mead is trying to fit an appearance into his schedule. He's planning a new tour to begin about then.

If you don't recognize Ray Hildebrand's name, he was half of Paul & Paula, who had big hit called "Hey Paula" back in 1962.

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Monday Movie Nights at Frank's North Star Tavern!

I hope they're paying the required royalties for showing movies in public. There are copyright laws that apply in these situations.

October 8, 2012 at 12:37 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Offbeat Occupations: Liberty Hall's man behind the curtain

Each year Rob helps me with the Kansas Music Hall of Fame inductions and concert. He makes it easy on me. We'll be back March 2, 2013, with another great show. Thanks for all you do, Rob.

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Behind the Lens: Covering celebrities part of the job

When I worked in radio, I often got to go backstage at concerts. I almost always took my camera with me so I could take a few shots of the musicians. I'd also have someone use it to take a few photos of me with the musicians. Most celebs are just well known "regular" people. A few take on an attitude that's offputting, but those are rare.

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I'm the president of the organization, and no one tried to reach me. The KMHOF email addy is My personal email is The website is The induction ceremony and concert is generally the first Saturday in March. It was a week early this year because of a conflict with KU basketball. In the past the last game of the season was always an afternoon game, but this year they played an evening game.

Bill Lee

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Hall of Fame: Liberty Hall celebrates a century of bringing community together

When we started putting on Kansas Music Hall of Fame induction concerts, we couldn't imagine doing them anywhere but Liberty Hall. Join us next year for another great show. This year's was awesome!

June 17, 2012 at 7:06 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

'Corporate FM' filmmaker, who documented the fall of The Lazer, seeks distribution funding

I worked 13 years for the Booth family, and I have very strong opinions about what has happened to radio in this country. The demise of radio as we knew it began with the Reagan Adminiistration's love of deregulation. The repeal of the Communications Act of 1934 had many unintedned consequences. After more that 25 years on the air I rarely listen to radio anymore. When I do, it is not of the commercial variety. My car radio buttons are set on KKFI and KCUR.

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Not asking for a billion: Local musician funds latest work through donations

Good luck with your latest project, Sam.

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Pub grub at home: 8 recipes for March Madness

Madness is never healthy.

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