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Sunday Gravy, Nine Millimeter Optional

Have you ever tried sauteeing your tomato paste with the onions just after they've turned translucent? I'm never going back, it just adds a depth of flavor that blows me away. And also I get to do it in my cast-iron skillet so the tomatoes leech some iron into the dish, which is a big plus for me because I'm chronically anemic but iron supplements make poo-ing a very painful weekly event.

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Wherein I eat my words, and my chicken

Will you be my girlfriend? :)

August 23, 2010 at 1:30 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Editors' note: Unfortunate changes in staffing

gvnobas--THAT'S THE FUCKING SPIRIT!!! Mean-spirited, sexist, profane, hateful--that's the kind of comment that damn near EVERY post on this site used to bring out!! All it lacked was poor grammar and blatant misspelling. It's been so long since earned itself some righteous trolls that I'd almost forgotten how much fun you stupid asshats were. Sigh. I'm gonna miss this shit.

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Editors' note: Unfortunate changes in staffing

There are a *lot* of us who are in Phil's debt. Without him, I could have never gone back to my hometown and flippantly called myself a "paid writer" ;) I'm still reeling at the thought that the assholes in power thought that letting Phil go was anything but the stupidest effing idea ever; but then, from what I've seen of the site over the past year or so, it seems that they may have crippled him so much with new policies and other bullshit that this may be an utter relief for him. I dunno, but damn. Gonna miss you, Phil, and thank you SO MUCH for everything you've done for me and the other folks here on what used to be the rockin'-est Island of Misfit Bloggers *ever*.

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Universal character: Fuller takes civil-rights focus to a new genre

And this is specifically relevant to Lawrence residents because . . .

Oh, why do I even bother? This place is dead. I might as well head over to and read the comments; they're more relevant and *at least* as well-written as anything non-AP that the remaining staff is going to put up on this clown funeral of a site.

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Junior startups: Child entrepreneurs find new ways to raise cash

Next week in breaking news: the weather is hot, children like to swim at the pool, and bunnies are SO EFFING CUTE. That last one is just for the EDGE FACTOR, dontcha know. This is, after all, the HIP and HAPPENING news outlet for the city of Lawrence.

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Here here.

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Editors' note: Unfortunate changes in staffing

Really? They're editing out curse words in the comments now? Jesus tits, I didn't realize things had gone *that* downhill. Coupon blogs and menopausal self-indulgence, indeed. G'bye, I loved ye well, but this was the last. Effing. Straw.

June 18, 2010 at 9:45 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Editors' note: Unfortunate changes in staffing

Absolutely. without Phil? Now it's just the entertainment supplement to the LJWorld. Boo. Hiss. Boo.

June 18, 2010 at 9:39 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Save a buck, and the environment.

If you go to the formula companies' websites, you can get some pretty damn good free samples mailed to you. Enfamil will send you like 2 full-sized cans. Totally free. Wal-Mart will send you a few days' supply of their generic, as well. Unless, of course, you're scared of OMG GIVING YOUR ADDRESS OUT TO A CORPORATION.

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