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Jefferson's Restaurant

Good place to grab snacks...I wouldn't recommend for actual dinner. Jefferson's is great for having a beer and watching a game...like Buffalo Wild Wings, this place is almost tradition among the KU faithful. They don't have the seating capacity as many of the other sports bars in town...but they have a nice friendly environment.

The dollar bill tradition is borrow out from the irish bars.

Of the few places that server oysters...this is the only place in town where I trust to actually eat oysters! They have awesome finger food, and the beer is always fresh.

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Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar

Rock Chalk Baby! This is by far my most favorite venues when watching the Jayhawks. Decent service, great view of the games from just about every table in the establishment....gotta get their about 1 1/2 hours before the basketball games start as this place can get pretty crowded.

Wings are good...and the beer is never "skunkified". Overall one of the best sports bars in Lawrence.

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The Jade Garden

Probably the worst Chinese food I have ever had...I know that this restaurant is a staple among KU students.

Jade uses what can only be described as Chicken toes and Beef tails for most of their meat. Avoid, avoid, avoid....T.Yaki is a much better joint for Chinese delivery.

YES, it is true! You do get a lot of food for the money...but most of what you get is junk and only edible during a night of over drinking.

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Plum Tree

Probably the best buffet in town...get their early...11:30am...otherwise you are fighting over the scraps. Their food is very good...they have the occasional off day...they have better consistency than many other lawrence establishments. You can expect to get a good meal.

One downside...don't order the Thai food here. Their specialty is in Chinese cooking...but out of curiosity I checked it out one night and it barely resembled Thai food.

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Mad Greek Restaurant

They used to be one of my favorite restaurants...but over the years their food has become a little more average. They have a great atmosphere with service that is about average. Overall they have lost some stock...but still decent (especially if you are looking for a sunday brunch).

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Pizza Shuttle

I just can't help it....when you pay cheap you expect cheap...but at Pizza Shuttle you can actually get a pretty decent pizza at a reasonable prices

In my opinion what separates Pizza Shuttle from a bigger chain is the amount of grease used in the baking process. Pizza Shuttle uses considerably less butter in their baking process over a pizza hut/domino style establishment.

Best part of the deal...they are open really late....great for when you are out late and can't find an open restaurant.

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Aladdin Cafe

Good food at great prices. You will be hard pressed to find a better Gyro meat. They give you plenty of food at reasonable prices. Service is good and the atmosphere is pleasent. Next time you are in ...check out their Swarmah(spelled phonetically because I don't know how to spell it)...their Swarmah Chicken....

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Quick's Bar-B-Q & Catering Company

You overpay for what you get. Avoid the BBQ Chicken and Pulled Pork...it is basically drowning....there is more sauce than meat. The Chicken was loaded up with dark meat cuts...lots of gristle.

Maybe I got their on an off night...but when returned I had the same experience.

End result, there are better BBQ places in Lawrence...namely in your back yard and on your own grill.

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Sushi Station

Best sushi in town....the Tuna is sushi grade and has a very nice dark red color. I don't know how many times I walk into a sushi joint and ask for a Tekka Maki and it comes out looking a pale pink. For all who don't know...you should avoid pale pink Tuna in a sushi restaurant. Basically it means one of 2 things...it isn't Tuna...or it is old Tuna. In any case you should avoid.

This is definitely not the case at Sushi Station...they use fresh fish...and it is sushi grade. Okay...so what is the downside...they are a little on the pricey side. I walked in with my wife for a lunch and we walked out with a 40 dollar bill.

But hey, it isn't like you get crappy food at exorbitant prices (like what you would expect at the Westside Deli and Bistro).

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Buffalo Bob's Smokehouse

Last time I was at Bob's...well was the last time at Bob's. They have quite possible the worst meat cuts. I remember asking for smoked turkey and I got "Louis Rich Sliced meat from the grocery store" instead.

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