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West Coast Saloon

natty is right, unfortunately. The place only has one guy cooking and he doesn't seem like a very efficient short-order cook. The burger itself was indeed good, after waiting the half-hour it took to make it. The lunch special price was a dollar more than advertised on their web site, which I can get over since $7 was still a good price for burger, fries and drink.

Just understand that this is a place you should only go to and order food if you are already there hanging out for a good hour or two shooting pool or whatever. There definitely was a "regulars get special treatment" vibe, though I didn't find it threatening or anything. It definitely was happening though. One of the "owners" was just leaned against the bar the whole time chatting to people and I'm pretty sure some regulars got served before us even though they came in after.

I don't know what the problem is, but there was only room for one cook there. If they want to broaden their crowd they need to work on getting better turn-around on the food somehow.

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Rodeo Grill Mexican Restaurant

My wife and I tried this place for the first time the other night. I had a chile verde with very juicy, succulent pork and nice tangy green sauce. My wife had two tamales that were great...good masa, good meat. Big portion sizes, but hey...that's expected at a Mexican restaurant.

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Aladdin Cafe


This is my wife and I's favorite restaurant downtown...maybe even in all of Lawrence...maybe even anywhere.

It's mainly because this place is so darn dependable. I've probably eaten here over 100 times and every time I've had a friendly server who made sure I was okay, and I always got my food in good time. The food has always been great. The worst thing that's ever happened was I think I got some slightly cold rice once, but that is literally the WORST thing...and that's not a big deal at all.

Their Sunday buffet is an amazing deal for $9.99 (They had BAKLAVA once). I just got hungry writing this review....

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Hastings Books, Music and Video

I'm never sure how I feel about this store. I like that it's a fairly small chain, and I like that once they're done renting out copies of a movie, they sell them for pretty cheap, so if you time it right you can get a great condition copy of a fairly new movie.

However, if you try to sell books there, they better be BRAND SPANKING new. I went in there with a perfect condition hard-back copy of a recent book. Dust jacket flawless, pages and binding flawless. But they wouldn't take it. I had purchased it at the Lawrence Library booksale and there was a teeeeeny tiny little "3" written just inside the front cover. Seriously no bigger than the fingernail on my pinky. The guy told me that they couldn't take it because of the "3" and when I looked at him incredulously he said I was welcome to go and erase it, but if it left any marks or indentation they wouldn't take it. Oh, and then he wouldn't give me an eraser. So yeah...if you've got books you want to get rid of, go ahead and go to Half Price Books. They may not give you as much, but they'll take more and they won't turn around and sell it to you for darn near full price. And they're nicer. I'm sure they'd loan you an eraser if you needed one.

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Collie Buddz -- 06/05/09 at Granada

Federline, yo...

I look like I stink but I don't.

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Thai House

Just went to this place at it's new location right next to the ACE hardware at 23rd and Iowa and it was GREAT. In fact, the food itself was even better than before. The new location isn't nearly as cool as the last one visually, but they're trying and it DOES have a nice quaint feel to it. The prices seemed about the same, which is fine given that the food was AWESOME. If you used to be a fan and you're worried whether or not this place is still good, fret not. It's as good if not better than ever.

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Bellini / Mono -- 09/29/05 at Jackpot Music Hall

This show was AWESOME.

I'm looking for the girl who was videotaping the show. I'd like a copy if possible.

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I've never actually been to this restaurant, but my work sometimes brings in Italian food from this place. It's good if you like Italian food that is GREASY as HELL. It doesn't taste bad, but man it is some of the greasiest pasta and bread I've had in a long time. I was eating some of it left over the other night at work (Hey, it's free food). I had it sitting on TWO paper platesand there was a piece of office paper under the plates. When I picked up the plates to throw them away, the office paper UNDER the two paper plates was clear. The grease had soaked all the way through and made it clear. After that incident I think I'm hesitant to try it again...but I'm sure I will.

I can't speak for their other food, but their Italian food is VERY greasy (no racial insults intended). I think the food would actually be pretty great if it weren't so greasy. I think it's a Midwestern/Southern thing though...Fat=Taste.

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Ruchi Indian Cuisine

I tried this place today for lunch since I got a coupon for the buffet in the mail. Service was great. They left me my own pitcher of water, picked up my used plates very promptly, and asked me at least twice if everything was okay. It was my first time having Indian food and I really liked it. Their chicken was good, the curries were good, the rice was fresh, the nan was soft and warm.

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Paisano's Ristorante

Both times I've been to this restaurant the food and service have been great. The last time I went, the party I was with included a very tired 2-year-old boy who got got cranky just after we ordered. The server boxed up the food at our request (in very nice aluminum containers), gave us a ton of extra breadsticks, wished us well, and even gave us dinner mints to take home. Thirty minutes later when we were actually able to eat, the food was still warm and very good.

The food is good if you like italian-american. It isn't cheap, but it includes free (and very good) breadsticks and some dishes include salad. You get what you pay for in terms of food, ambiance, and service.

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