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Inside the Outhouse

Just on the chance that some of you might be interested in some the ancient history of the building called "The Outhouse":
In the late sixties fraternities used to rent the place out for parties and hire bands to play there. A cover band made up of jr. high school students who were friends of mine played one such gig sometime between 1966 and 1969 - the dates are fuzzy in memory - calling themselves "The Lost Soul". The drummer for this band, one Stuart Doores, still plays drums for local groups, notably "Billy Spears and the Beer Bellies" and "Swing Canyon". The bass player, one Bruce Lacey, now does sound recording for feature films in California and (if my memory isn't playing tricks on me) I believe he has won an academy award for some of his work. The guitar player, Jody Spotts, went on to become the road manager and guitar player in Neil Sedaka's band before dying tragically in an automobile accident that also took the life of a local bass player - whose last name was Jaimez - several decades ago. The place was exactly the same kind of hole then that it was in the eighties when I saw a band that was called something like "The Swinging Sirens" there.

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