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Behind the Lens: Carrying a backup a good idea in case camera breaks

Never have had to get my DSLR repaired but it's good to know about Bernie's. I am astounded that Lawrence doesn't have a good general photography shop.. Must be too much competition with the big box retailers + the shops in KC or Wolfe's.

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Behind the Lens: Low-tech photography

Nice post. Cell phones are hardly low tech but I use mine a lot and enjoy working around their limitations. But if you really want retro there are Flickr groups devoted to pin hole cameras:

And I have seen instructions for doing pin hole photography with DSLR's

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My grandma's obit

Joel, sorry about your Grandmother. When my wife's father died and the arrangements being made, I received a call from the funeral home apologising because the Topeka paper refused to print the last statement my wife had written in his obit. It said he died from cod liver oil poisoning. This was an inside joke to the his family since he was took cod liver oil every day as a tonic. However the Topeka obit editor was a bit slow on the uptake because the online version of the obit still had the sentence.

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Kansas Guild of Bloggers

Western Kansas? Oh you mean on the other side of Lawrence? **eg**

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For the weekend: Citizenship

Well I got them all..but given Iraq I and Iraq II people could be forgiven for getting number 6 wrong. Looks like many recent presidents would fail this one. Oh another New England State that was not part of the orignial 13 is Maine. It was originally part of my home state Massachusetts.

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