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If you go here I'd recommend either getting a salad or pizza. Those are both pretty damn good. The rest of the stuff isn't really worth it. I wish they'd step up their breakfast game too so I had another option in the morning. I had high hopes from looking at the menu but ended up underwhelmed. This isn't just from one bad experience too. I've eaten their breakfast about 5 times and been disappointed each time. But yeah thumbs up on the salad and pizza

October 16, 2010 at 9:30 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

The Basil Leaf Cafe

First of all the map on the front page of this place is wrong currently. It's on 6th street near kasold at phillips 66, near spangles. I drove around for a while before I realized it. The food here is really good though. This is easily the best italian place in lawrence. I know thats not saying much, but it really is good. The price is between 8-10 bucks but the portions are huge for the pasta and the quality is great. I had the risotto for my first time and unlike the above comment, mine wasnt salty at all and actually was perfectly al dente. The sandwiches are good too. I grew up in an italian family and I basically refuse to eat anything pasta-related in this town because im very picky in that regard, but i'll eat here all day. Highly recommended.

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Sooo... whaddya think?

http://www.lawrence.com/restaurants/s... should be the layout for the "open now" section of the restaurants (and the "Find restaurants" section imo but at least that). List them alphabetically by name or at least by location.

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The Cheese & Salami Shoppe

This place is pretty money. It's like a more accessible Jason's Deli. The sandwiches are damn good and the prices are good too. The sandwiches look a little small at first but they're compact so you get a good deal. My fav is the italian, get it if you're hungry. The service has always been tip-top. I would recommend.

October 23, 2008 at 1:19 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Midwest Fish Frye & So Much More...

Tried to go here on Oct 23rd, 2008 but apparently it closed/moved. So I guess I'll never know what it's like.

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Cafe Beautiful

Ok I'm gonna break it down for everyone out thereFor starters this place is expensive. If you're not ready to drop some cash, dont go. I payed about $150 for 2 people after tax and tip. this was on in august 2008. That being said, there isnt really a more special place in lawrence, so if you got a special occasion, this is perfect. Especially if it concerns a lady. This will impress her for sure. I thought it was worth the 150, but that may be up for debate.I'll break down the experience. It's a 7 course dinner and theres no menu. The chef brings out a dish every 15 minutes and explains it. Be prepared to be in there a good 2.5 hours overall. My menu went like this : soup, fruit salad, appetizers, salad, sashimi course, sushi course, and ice cream for desert. Everything you get is amazing and the presentation is beautiful. If you've ever seen the show Iron Chef, that's basically what it is. The sashimi had lobster, red snapper, and caviar. So yeah the 150 isnt going to waste. It's BYOB and by B i mean wine or sake. Take my advice and bring some wine. He'll serve it for you, so it;s great. The whole experience is even better while buzzed.Another great thing about this place is even though it's really fancy, it's not pretentious at all. It's very Lawrencey. Me and my date dressed up just because i want to do that if im spending that much money, but i also saw a guy in there with a polo shirt and jeans. So do what you will.Overall a great experience, so if you want the best food in lawrence or want to impress someone, go for it. You need to call and reserve at least 3 weeks in advance also, otherwise you'll probably have to adjust your time. Chef Suken, you're the man.

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