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Rudy's Pizzeria

I crave it. Addiction can be a very blessed thing, and the only side-effect is the little jelly role that now pooches from under my t-shirts. The staff is outta sight! yow! and I'm sure if you asked, they would have put some more feta on your pizza, fella. I recommend a pie with chicken, pineapple, and double avacados.

October 21, 2003 at midnight ( | suggest removal )


The food has always been great, and things look brighter for WA now that the sushi-nazi has been relocated. The prices have gone up not once, but twice, since opening, and I don't really like the onions in the miso. But the Hamachi special is awesome, and sometimes you just need a pot of hot sake.

October 21, 2003 at midnight ( | suggest removal )