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Favorite sushi bar in Lawrence and my husband and I have been to them all! Consistently friendly staff, delicious food, wide selection, great ambiance. I've convinced several of my more doubting family to try sushi here and they loved it!

Note: on weekends expect a wait. If you know you're on a schedule - make a reservation since they're always hopping - and for good reason!

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Boulevard Grill

Very expensive for what it is - a regular sports bar with run-of-the-mill bar food. The staff were very friendly and nice, but overall, nothing to take a trip out for.

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Burger Stand at the Casbah

Our family loves this place! Lots of TVs for sports watching - so it pleases the husbands fix while entertaining the rest of our taste buds. Plus there's a pool table and some arcade games upstairs in case the kids get bored with the game. (There used to be a foos ball table, but it was gone last we were there - sad face)

If you go - you have to try the truffle fries - they are awesome! Note: a basket of fries feeds a family of four. For the vegetarians out there - the selections are very tasty!

Wonderful establishment! No doubt will be around for a while here in Lawrence!

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Food was good, nice pairings of cheese and sauces - but I hesitate to say worth the price because the portions are very small. Super trendy clientele, so if you're into that - the price might be reasonable. Our staff was nice, but the food took forever to get out - even for a cheese and meat selection!

Overall, expect good food and a nice atmosphere, but high prices and a really long wait.

My spouse and I, who are definitely not opposed to spending a chunk of change for the right venue, would rather spend that amount somewhere else.

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Tortas Jalisco

LOVE this Mexican restaurant - definitely more authentic style. Reminds me of food I had in Nicaragua.

They make their own chips and I've been spoiled now. No regular tortilla chip satisfies.

The green salsa is amazing - IF you like really really hot. I can't find anything like it on the market or in any other restaurant.

They change their menu monthly. There's almost always something new and more authentic in nature.

Chilaquiles is like crack. Seriously. I have a hard time not always ordering it. Only thing stopping me is the constantly changing menu and the fact that it's so filling. Bring your big boy pants to finish this one!

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India Palace

I have to admit, some of my Indian friends would not put India Palace as their favorite and prefer to take me to other places in Kansas City. However, I have never been able to really tell an extreme difference in quality of food - just in perhaps the variety of selection. I would say the style is more Northern Indian cuisine which is richer and creamier, not as spicy as southern Indian dishes. If you enjoy that style, though, this place is wonderful and reasonably priced for the amount of food. The staff have always been friendly and I have never thought the wait was any worse than the blah-zay American chains in Lawrence.

Two pieces of advice:
1. If you don't have a huge appetite - skip the buffet and order from the menu. The price is kinda steep if you're only going to eat one plate. Plus if you go with a few friends - order different dishes and eat "family" style. You'll get a wide variety and have food to take home for a second, possibly third meal.
2. For the vegetarians out there - WONDERFUL veg selection. My favs: vege samosa appetizer (potatoes & veges wrapped and fried), nan, palak paneer (literally spinach and cheese - the spinach is pureed with spices and the cheese slightly fried), a dal dish (pureed lentils with spice). The vegetable korma is really good too! (and all taste different despite some of the other reviews) OR go for the vegetarian dinner for 2 - for less than $40 - tax included - it easily feeds 4 people (or 2 people with lunch for tomorrow). Bonus - at least on weekend nights, you can have it delivered!

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