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We all saw it coming.

Wow! 18....Get the sun god robes out...thats like 2 a day....worship lawrences new big brother! I'll gladly be called a troll for you strano...As long as you are turning upper middle class kids into creepy crawlies, and taking the money they earn or give you so you can fly to "politikal meetings" on the dimes of your lackeys....well. you get my drift....TROLL POWERS ACTIVATE!!!

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Too Much Friction

That is why i've started my own mens movement....As the anti-christ of "Iron john", I've dubbed myself "Brass balls bob" and am currently offering mens goup camp outs so they can find their "inner man".....Basically i take them out camping, lace the "warriors mead" with enough muscle relaxants to slow them down enough so I can start beating the shit out of them......All the while screaming "you think you're a man,huh boy?!"....I am experiencing a ,5% sucesss rate...Every other time 1 guy manges to get in on the action and starts whoopin ass along with me....After we rifle their pockets and keep them sedated until their checks clear, i give him a refund and a cerificate of graduation....Suprisingly I have a 76% readmission rate.....I was guessing 80%.....As soon as I have enough graduates we will probably hold a bum hunt followed by a blood orgy and a demo on classic car restoration.

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Was that why you were going through the ovaric pain dance of death sat. night?

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We all saw it coming.

Anarchism is defined in this conotation as basically socialism without a central figurehead....which we all know is bullsh1t.....whenever ther is a vacuum in society that is dictated by evolution to look to a leader some jackass will fill that spot...whether it is running a country or talking socially rebellious sons and daughters of the middle class to get arrested for their political beliefs.....And in my trollish opinion, most "anarchist" are thrill seekers using a political ideal to justify their actions as civil disobedience....but hey, more power to you.....this is what the first amendmant is for......just do not get your panties in a wad when someone says in lawrence it is more cult of personality then actual politiks. And the anarchist calendar was a visual aid in hypocrisacy.

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Not a bad photo they dug up.....Thank god they didn't post one with me sporting a cheezy teen-stash....

April 30, 2008 at 11:09 p.m. ( | suggest removal )


The curved knife is a poorly made version of a "kris" knife....Similar designed blades are used in the phillipino based martial art "kali" or "arnise"....another martial art "silat".....Flamberge or flame knives or swords were also done in europe between mediaeval age and the renaissance...The blade looked like it was madefrom a lawn mower blade.Ok job done by lj world....Only complaint is that I have made attempts to bury the hatchet and have made attempts to to apologize for my earlier insensitive remarks to the leach family....oh well, fuck it...

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Can you deduct Cloves on your taxes?

Suckling pig or peking duck.....or whole fish...anything with the head still about a roast chicken with a steamed octopus attached to where the head should be? this would give a nod to chthalhu(sp) and the literary goths.

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Ya Ain't Got No Style, Son

I was actually quite invisible as a teen.....Mostly due to the fact I was stealing everything that wasn't nailed down....And if I was really jonesing the nailed down stuff to! Now that I'm aged and obsolete(according to lawrence standards) I revel in being a obnoxious greybeard telling the punk kids how much wussier their generation is.

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Top 10 Songs You May Not Have Heard

Man, you sure are trying to earn the ironic trucker hat, aint'cha?

July 9, 2007 at 2:54 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

The Death of a Beloved Rat

LeAnn and mines dog, ginger, has an unatural lust for fireworks.....which pretty much dictates a huge viking style funeral with pyrotechnics......If she has to be put down, I am seriously considering just lighting a half stick of dynamite and letting her go for it.

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