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Editors' note: Unfortunate changes in staffing

A couple additions to my previous comment... I don't want to lay the blame on the current brain trust at the World Co. Part of the problem was that the folks calling the shots kept changing, and it seemed like each ensuing boss had a different idea of what should be. Also, upon further recollection, I did know some talented advertising folks like Chris who excelled at selling the product. It just seemed like they were never around long enough, and the "keep things awesome" hand of never knew what the "keep things afloat" hand was doing. That's a challenge for most modern publications I imagine.

I do hope endures, but I will always wonder what it could have been with a few more sea legs. Maybe it was exactly what it should have been for the past decade, and now it will be something else. Or maybe it missed a golden opportunity by losing touch with much of what made it cool in the first place (local culture, music, and otherwise untold stories).

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Editors' note: Unfortunate changes in staffing

It's been great to read this thread and feel like Phil and Gavon and Frank and Patrick and myself and everyone else created something of value during the past eight years. There's a lot of great content left on this site, HTML-jacked as it may be. Ultimately the failure of came down to a lack of support from the company that was so very proud of its many trophies. Not once in 8 years did I know an advertising rep on a first-name basis, mostly because they were rarely there for longer than a few months, and they certainly didn't hang out in our neck of the woods. Despite our pleas for distribution bins, was always harder to find than The Pitch. Three full-time employees were always doing the work of 10 people. I could go on but at this point it sort of seems like a moot point. has been the most promising endeavor of the World Company for many years now, but it's also been the most flawed.

That said, I'm grateful the World Company gave us a chance to do what we did. Nothing lasts forever, and it was good for most of while it lasted. I had the chance to dig into this town's vibrant culture in ways I never would have imagined. I met some amazing people who turned into friends and neighbors. I heard a lot of great music and was able to pass that on to other people. I'm sure Phil and Gavon are feeling a similar sense of melancholy.

Best of luck to you guys as you plan your next move, and thanks for all the good times. I hear Billy Q. Effinger needs a PR agent...

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The Soundtrack To Hell

I blame this square for my 6 hrs of tossing and turning last night.

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Old People Dancing To Michael Jackson

I hope I'm half that spry when I'm 80.

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Goat vs. Usher

I simply cannot get enough of this.

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Caption Contest: Gaping Cole

She DOES exist!

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Dock Ellis and the LSD No-No

Somebody should slip Brian Bannister some of that stuff.

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Tom O'C: Irish Hip-Hop Sensation

I didn't know it was possible to sing off-key using AutoTune.

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'Extract' is watered down

Saw it last night and really liked it. Even Affleck. Especially Bateman.

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