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Central Kansas eats: the good, the weird, the local.

I couldn't concentrate on your recipes today because I got stuck back at the first paragraph: "chicken and noodles atop a pile of mashed potatoes."

A friend who grew up in Downs makes that! REALLY GOOD and it involves chicken, lots of broth, Reames noodles and cream of chicken soup (to thicken it, I guess). I try to make it and its okay (my kids love it), yet, still, I strive to do better.

So, anywhooo, I'd love to see your recipe sometime.

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School dazed

Good for you for car poolin'!

The neighborhood school is a rare entity these days. It IS sad.

As the parent of older kids, I completely agree that its not a good idea to have them fight with FSHS traffic on bike or on foot. Ack! Now that's a scary part of town during school rush hour!

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Your freezer as kitchen autopilot

Several years ago I worked with a woman who would cook (she swore) about four times a year in marathon sessions of 3 to 4 days, filling her freezer and then they would eat it up and start over. I've always thought that was amazing. I know one of her staples was a stack of homemade pizzas. She was also big on making smaller pans of things like lasagne so it wasn't so complicated to thaw them out (she had a family of four, so when her kids were younger an 8 x 8 of lasagne was enough for everyone).

I always feel like if I have two or three things ready to go in the freezer I'm doing pretty well. So I admire your energy! Those freezer meals will be like money in the bank once that baby arrives.

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Kindergarten, or, God Help Us All

All the advice here about working hard to communicate and find out what is REALLY going on with your child at school is spot on.

My girls are both teenagers now and have done well in the Lawrence public schools -- and by that I don't mean they are both stellar students (one is and one isn't), just that they are well adjusted and don't have any major issues with teachers or other kids.

And I really love that they have friends from all walks of life. I think they will go into adulthood knowing how to get along just fine with everyone they encounter. THAT, to me, is the true value of a public education.

I was raised as a Catholic, and I respectfully disagree with Megan. A Catholic school is about the most misogynistic environment possible for kids, so right there is a huge issue of girls and boys on unequal footing. (Unless, of course, it is an all girls school, catholic or otherwise, which is supposed to be the absolute best for girls.)

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Stinky Pee Is A Small Price To Pay.

This isn't fancy but its easy:

Drizzle some Wishbone Italian dressing on some just-barely-steamed asparagus (while it is still warm) and chill it. Really good appetizer/snack.

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Top 10 Movie Journalists

But, oops, "The Killing Fields" is about the fall of CAMBODIA to Pol Pot/Khmer Rouge. I think I'm going to try and find that movie somewhere. I haven't seen it since I was a starry-eyed foreign correspondent wannabe, MANY years ago. (It is a 1984 movie)

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Top 10 Movie Journalists

"The Killing Fields," about Sydney Shanburg, NY Times reporter who won the Pulitzer for his coverage of the fall of Saigon to Pol Pot. Awesome.

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Stroganoff for the Jayhawk Soul

I love your blog, too! Do you (or any of your foodie readers) like to make wonderful cuisine over an open fire? I'm helping with an event at Hidden Valley Camp here in town (northwest of Kasolf and Bob Billings) on April 18, which will feature a Cast Iron Chef Cookoff! More info here:


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