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Cooking away the CSA, week 18: Pantry potato pieces

We store them in the cupboard, away from light and onions (which can interact badly with them). That said, I've still lost many a potato by not using them fast enough! I've also heard these sacks work, but I haven't tried them:

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The case for gardening, even if Mother Nature doesn’t always agree

Hi there! I don't typically do cucumbers or zucchini because I've had a horrible squash beetle problem! It's so sad to see them shrivel up and die. But, perhaps, I should try them again. We've also done beans in the past and will probably do them again this year. I've never done okra, but that sounds fun, too, thanks!

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A holiday cookie for your consideration: Healthy free-form buckeyes

Good eye, Kate! Thank you! I've fixed that. I hope you like them:)

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The perfect squash for Thanksgiving

You're most welcome! Definitely try it with delicata! It would also probably be great with kabocha. YUM!

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Bye-Bye Bounty, week 7: Tips for avoiding CSA pickup panic

That's a pretty nice deal, Megan. Because mine comes on Monday, it can be kind of hard because I'm a "big shop" weekend person. But, I tend to cook more at the beginning of the week than the end, so the timing is actually helpful. So, for me, I'm not sure day would be the best for pickup!

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Bring a bit of the Big Easy to your KU watch party

Just thought you guys could make the beignet dough ahead Friday night and then make them on Saturday. It's a complicated recipe, but sounded it worth it.

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Two-Faced March Madness Pizza

It really is great, even if it's not the most photogenic pizza ever!

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Delicious/Nutritious: Make it with mustard

Pin, pin, pin away guppy (if you're interested). So glad you like our little column, Jennifer:)

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Paula Deen cooks up disappointment with diabetes drug announcement

Good replies, everyone. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your thoughts! I know we can't all agree on this. But we can agree on this one thing: What we put in our mouths is totally up to us. No matter what others say and do or suggest, we are our own people and totally responsible for our nourishment.

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