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E.M.U. Theatre presents “Horrorshow IIID” -- 10/24/09 at Lawrence Arts Center

Justin- The interstitial pieces were not "improvised." It's my understanding they were fully scripted and even work-shopped. I am not in the know about what happened in the beginning stages of the Horrorshow production, but I can assure you the production is more than solid and the audience enjoyed the comedic interstitial pieces (which you were given program credit for by the way) as much as they enjoyed the one-act plays. Your ill feelings are understandable if you weren't given a chance to submit your pieces or weren't given a larger role in the production process. However, I don't think and Blogspot are the proper venue for complaints. Perhaps you should be speaking to the Producers of the show or more importantly, the board of EMU Theatre if you'd like to see things head in a more positive direction. I agree there should be more collaboration and local writing but writing about it here does little to solve the problem and creates real-life drama for a group of people who would rather see drama reserved for the stage.


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What is your favorite horror movie?

Because Freddy Vs. Jason wasn't "fake." I hope that was paraphrased! All time favorites here are The Shining and The Exorcist.

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Viewing enjoyment affected by very un- "Paranormal Activity"

Saw this last weekend in a VERY crowded large theater in Denver. Totally packed with 15-22 year-olds nonetheless. My verbal review to friends always starts with "people in the theater wouldn't shut up and it ruined the suspense." There was a kid two rows behind us that would say "oooohhh shhhh*****ttttt "every time something even mildy eerie happened. Any reference to sex (such as "let's go to the bedroom") resulted in giggles and sometimes raging laughter.

Had I watched this movie alone at home on DVD, I suspect it would be one of the more frightening films I've seen. Mostly because the idea of an entity creeping up on someone in bed, while they're sleeping and should be the most safe, is seriously disturbing. The slow build up was necessary- if it had started with a bang, the ending would have been far less jarring.

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As God is my witness, I saw a real life Kate Gosselin haircut on someone.

i had a similar haircut...TWELVE YEARS AGO. even then it wasn't uber-cool. thankfully i didn't have that weird bang chunk thing (what is that!?).

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Style Scout: Holly Rowland

the snarkiness is totally unnecessary. she looks great! most of us can't afford such a look (and i'm wondering what social workers make now...), but everything together looks damn cute. very stylish!

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Join the brain rot partaaaay!

RE: Kate Gosselin tattoo- the lady grew up in a trailer park. Need I say more? That might explain the horrendous haircut as well. I like that you've succinctly covered what I would spend three hours on Oh No They Didn't! to find out. Though the user comments there really can't be beat.

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Townie guide to... bracket backlash

Basketball sucks. You suck too, Jay Maus.

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Andrew Bird @ Liberty Hall

My review: AWESOME. That's all I have. Not the best show seen (as the best shows are usually seen when one is young), but the best musician I've had the privilege of seeing live. Yes, it was strange that no one was moving. I was up on the balcony and it was a sea of stillness.

I've had bangs for twenty-six years. In fact, I've never *not* had bangs. Hopefully I am one of those people that pulls them off...

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Every girl's worst nightmare

Another addition: fifty dollar store keychains. "It's ma jewelries!"

And of course she has to have a Myspace page covered in glitter and pictures that say catchy phrases like "save a horse, ride a cowgirl." She would refer to herself there as something like Angel Eyez or **SexyGurrrl***

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VD: It's Not Just for Lovers Anymore

Being single is awesome actually. My money, energy and time are all mine? I can do whatever I want, whenever I want? Heck yeah! Oh, wait, that means I'm self-absorbed and will forever be single. I'm not whiny about it (in fact I celebrate it), but I do think it's understandable. It's viewed as abnormal if one isn't married or hasn't been married by 30. Even if you enjoy being single there is pressure to be coupled. And there's no reason to be pressured because everyone is not going to find the right person (and there are so many examples around us of people doing it all wrong). So you live it up single, take up some hobbies and enjoy your life for what it is. I would like to see these suitors one would be beating off with a stick. There isn't a huge market here if you're over the age of 25 and what does exist is rather disappointing. I suppose if I had incredibly low self-esteem I could find some dude that lives in his parent's basement, plays video games 12 hours a day or has absolutely no goals in life. Gee, that sounds really appealing. Also, I disagree that it's a day to express love- one should express love year-round.

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