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Condos at Christmas

Nice blog. That is an obscene amount of salad dressing!"Sure, Bikini Kill played the Outhouse here in Lawrence"I feel compelled to tell a story- I saw Bikini Kill play at a record store in Colorado many, many moons ago. During the show Kathleen Hanna asked if my friend and I were in a band. When we said "we'd like to be..." she asked if any rich kids in the audience would like to buy us instruments (they didn't of course). For their last song, they did a jam of sorts and she put the microphone up in my face and asked if I'd like to sing. I...wimped out. ***Regret*** I asked for their autographs after the show (I was 16....I realize now how incredibly lame this is) and they made me lists instead of albums to buy and movies to watch. Despite the wimping out bit, it's one of my greatest musical memories.

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Who will play Obama in the movie biopic?

Chiwetel Ejiofor FTW! He was incredible in Kinky Boots as a drag queen.Seriously, it was really touching. He has the acting chops and sensitivity to pull it off. I agree with bloozman as well, Don Cheadle is an excellent choice.

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India Palace

I've been to several Indian restaurants around the country and this one ranks high, especially for the price. They could, as the only one in Lawrence, get away with mediocre food, but the food is consistent and well-prepared. The wait staff and management and very friendly and knowledgeable, but there have been times I waited too long for food, both sitting in the dining area and for take-out. Try the lunch buffet for a nice sampling of their dishes!

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The first time I ate here, I had a delicious fish dish (sea bass perhaps) and it blew my socks off. The second time, I had a dish featuring pork and mashed potatoes. I have a pretty strong stomach, but it was too rich for me and was not cooked to their standards. Despite that, I will go back because of their unique menus, environment and experienced and friendly staff.The prices are high, yes, but it's priced just right.

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I adore the food here and have never had a bad meal. The sandwiches, salads, wraps, salads, etc. are consistently tasty and fresh. However, the girls that work there are useless. Customer service experience is apparently not one of the things the managers look for when they're hiring, more like a pretty face. Color me crazy, but I expect a smile and some courtesy when I'm eating out. The prices are also a bit high, especially when compared to similar eateries. The half soup / half sandwich with a drink rings up to eleven+ dollars. If you're looking for something easy and casual and have some bucks to spare, this is the place to go, just beware of the cashiers snarky attitudes.

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For a fast food joint it's quite good. The sesame chicken is a personal favorite and I prefer it to any chicken dish produced by Jade Garden or Peking Taste. I also like the eel rolls, but they ARE cheap, fast-food rolls. My only complaint about the food is the peanut noodle dish and salad that come with the meals. I always throw them out and feel a little guilty about it. However, they aren't to my liking. The service is excellent. I've never waited long for a delivery or in the drive-through and their employees are very friendly.

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G.I. Joe, Muppets, Watchmen, Australia, Stone's "W"

the BBC made an excellent adaptation of Jane Eyre just two years ago, i wonder why they would make another one. and with ellen page? as a lover of period films and mini-series i have to laugh (and cry) about that. ridiculous. btw...the last mini-series can be seen on youtube:

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Greetings from Missourah!

Shelby, I'm sorry if my comment about sports not contributing to growth offended you. As a child, I learned quite a bit about teamwork, perseverance and hard work playing soccer and basketball. Being a watcher and fan of professional sports, that confuses me, I just don't get it. Each to his own though. If it contributes to your life in a positive way, more power to you.

smerdyakov, I didn't realize this particular game was such a big deal, just thought it was the usual KS vs.MO hoopla. Probably because I try to remain ignorant about KU sports.

Ok, now I've managed to think and write about this particular topic way more than originally intended. *knocking it off*

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Greetings from Missourah!

Yes, it does become hard to ignore. And last time I checked, the comments area was an appropriate place to whine. If I was poo-pooing a story about something else, would it bother you enough to respond over and over to what is clearly just me having a little vent?

Like I said, I have not seen a great deal of coverage about sports here and I just wanted to go a day without it. Just one day, Shelby, ONE ! Then I click on my trusty bookmark where I usually find a particular type of local story and find another Mizzou (or however you spell that) vs. KU story. If your claim is true and Lcom does cover sports on a regular basis, then I'm being totally illogical (which I admit to). However, let me have my whine. You get your twenty sports stories and coverage all over the darn place, can we have a little slice of the comments section that says "hey, what's the big dang deal about sports?"

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