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Day Three Wrap Up.

You're totally write about that commercial—somehow WAY has a lot more soul than the Nike joint~

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Day Three Wrap Up.

Damn, FIFA's all over the youtubes taking those clips down pronto. Really too bad since they evidently haven't seen fit to post their own clips or highlights. And how is it they can't broadcast the games in 20friggin10 on the internet? NCAA has been streaming live games simultaneously for years now—many more games than the World Cup at that.

Fantasyland or no, this video definitely captures the spirit of the greatest sporting event out there:

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Errl. Errl Evrywhrr.

Have you been to the coast? I'm wondering how pervasive images like those are. To think that this...
...was caused in 40 days, and the supposedly sure-fire fix — the relief well — won't be done for another 60 at least. It's mindblowing that with all our engineering and technological prowess, BP or the gov't can't stop the spill. My crackpot mind wonders why by now they couldn't have constructed a mile-long (or whatever the actual depth is) sleeve to lower down and extend from the gulf floor to the surface...

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Returned male: ‘Retrosexual’ trend taps into desire for manliness of yore

I've heard likewise about the Mankind Project. I've heard really some seriously questionable stuff from a trustworthy source who briefly attended a KC retreat about the camps they have out in the woods — how they try to convince people to "car pool" with a current Mankinder or, in any case, insist attendees surrender any means of leaving the place on their own free will (cell, keys, etc). My friend didn't carpool or surrender his stuff and immediately left — so I'll leave out all the other damning rumors about what happened at the camp thereafter. "Controlling" is the nicest word I could think of to describe all that.

Oh just remembered, most of those rumors are confirmed by this article:

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Top 10 Dennis Hopper Performances

Will have to check out Red Rock West — 10x better than True Romance must mean it's freakin Casablanca.

Anyway, love this scene: and in no small part because Hopper's acting makes Walken's over-the-topness actually believable.

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Sports Buddaye 38: "Singing Royal Fever"

I can't express adequately just how much I dig that dude. He's made a sportstalk listener out of a die-hard NPR listener. Anytime a shitty NPR story comes on, I switch to 610 ... and Nick often keeps me there until a commercial. Dude's right on almost all the time.

So is Scooter~

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Alright Lost, you got me. Where's the real finale?

"lazy writing and one last metaphysical cheap shot to give the audience a point to debate"

I'll give it 'lazy writing' and 'metaphysical cheap shot,' but I'm done debating/talking about Lost. WTF. After all the creative turns the show took over six years, how is it that they only thing they could come up with for the end is that "everybody dies"? Six Feet Under reached that same conclusion but with a real-deal moving finale that made you feel like the time you invested in the characters — and the characters' stories themselves — /mattered/.

Lost's ending is so convoluted and nonsensical that, at best, all you can make of it is "every question leads to a question." That's not a creative conclusion to a story, it's just a cop out.

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That whole Lost finale thing...

Geesh—that was more than a little disappointing. I was hopeful that it was going to be badass until about the 1/2-left-to-go mark. And then everything was just glossed over with the laying on of hands, as if that resolves anything. Booo.

I request a take two.

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That whole Lost finale thing...

More than anything, I'm hoping for no closure in the grand scheme of things — but definitely some resolution/answers regarding the story line. I'm fine with a few red herrings — the four-toed statue, Walt, etc — but a character like Juliette (esp relating to Hurley's trajectory) really needs to be addressed. If they don't, it would be as disappointing an end as if they all find out they're simply in some sorta purgatory.

Nice commentary on the Bizarro world being shitty bc of being boring/normal more than anything — hadn't thought of it that way, but you're totally right. In the grand search for meaning, a world where contentedness reigns could be hell or heaven, depending on your perspective. Which would be a fitting wrap for that storyline.

**My predictions**
Kate plays an important role in the final moments. As a non-candidate who has been told as much, she's either a much more willing martyr or a much more likely saboteur when the shit hits the fan.

I've evidently lost track of Claire, but I trust she will play a crucial role, too. Perhaps her kiddo as well. Her relationship with Jack /has/ to play out somehow.

From the beginning, I've thought Hurley (along with Locke) were going to be the critical pieces to the puzzle. I still think Hurley will be a game-changer at some point. I guess Locke was, too, but that's in the past — unless something jacked happens in the finale.

Sawyer's too filled with hate and suspicion to end well—he will likely assist Smocke down the line.

I think Alpert's gone for good. I'm fine with how that ended. Ultimately, just a Pawn. Maybe a Rook at best.

As for Desmond, I think his storyline will end up being something of a King — opposite fucks like Widmore. (To me, Widmore is right there in league with Smocke.) He and his girlfriend (wife?) will conquer all. Love conquers all, still, right?

And disagreeable as he is, Linus' heart is ultimately in league with Desmond, Jacob, Jack, Hurley, Jin, Sun, Sayid, and many of the others that have died — I'm still hoping for an appearance in the finale by Eko. Probably a stretch tho. Linus, surely, will be critical. I tend to think he will see the light near the end and help Jack save the island — maybe dying in the process and taking Smocke with him.

I tend to think Smocke will get taken out in some grand, memorable way by all else that's resented the island — maybe getting sucked back into the light/magneto force. Regardless he's not leaving the island.

This just occurred to me — but perhaps it will be solely Jack and Sawyer who remain to take Jacob and his bro's place. All others will die without leaving, and the stage will be set for a Lost 2. Eh...?

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Samantha Crain -- 05/23/10 at Eighth Street Tap Room


I'm sorry — and I know this is going to sound lame — but I /have/ to go to a Lost party tonight. I'm afraid a lot of people who would be at this show otherwise will be, too. It's only happening once. I trust you'll be back again this summer...?

Anyway, Lawrence loves you — even if a bunch of us scifi geeks didn't get out to support you tonight — so please come back soon...

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