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Top 10 wonders of the Lawrence food world

Fun article! However, it is unacceptable to me that the black bean quesadillas from the Free State Brewery didn't make this list. They have been on the FSB menu since the day it opened, and they were way ahead of their time on the quesadilla (not to mention vegetarian) trend.

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Iwig store hopes to help farm-fresh milk prevail despite dairy industry woes

I am a huge Iwig fan and live near the store at 19th and Mass., but the parking is TERRIBLE there. I go as often as I can, but there are times of day that you just can't even get there because of the traffic and the teeny parking lot.

I love the idea and love that they're in East Lawrence, but that spot does not work! And, I'm ticked they pulled the milk out of Checkers. They're going to lose customers instead of gaining them, with this tactic. Iwig, please listen to your loyal customers and find a better location for your store! (then, put the milk back in the grocery stores)

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Fun (and scary) food facts for your Friday

These are interesting. I came across another food fact today that is worth sharing. Baby carrots are soaked in chlorine (!) after they're peeled. Here's the Snopes version:


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