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Five Years

Here is the original full translation, including left side of the panel, which, I understand, was discussed in the Aztlan archives, "but after many posts in the thread it was omitted in the process."

:uhtiiy waxak Chuwen b'olon(te') Mak
hekwaniiy K'anjalnaah
Upib'naah Ahkal K'uk'.
Cha' b'olon winikij ux ha'b' waxak winikha'b'(?) ux pik
tzuhtz-(a)j-oom u (w)uxlajuun pik
(ta) chan Ajaw ux(te') Uniiw
uhtoom ..?..
ye..?.. B'olon Yookte' ta ..?..
:(long ago) it happened, the day Eight Chuwen, the ninth of Mak
when the Becoming-Ripe-House was constructed(?).
It was the 'underground house' (shrine) of (the god) Ahkal K'uk'.
It was two and nine-score days, three years, eight-score years and 3 x 400 years
(before) the Thirteenth Bak'tun will end
on Four Ajaw, the third of Uniiw,
when ..?.. it will occur,
the descent..?.. of B'olon Yookte' at ..?..

If we subtract 3 baktuns, 8 katuns, 3 tuns, 9 uinals and 2 days from (21 December 2012) we get 9 etznab 6 kayab, which is January 14th 669 AD (Gregorian) (not Feb as previously stated). The distance date can be identified quite easily, once you realize that the uinal glyph is a more uncommon variety, that shows 2 dots on the left, representing days (the glyph for days is omitted). I'll be summarising this soon on the next site update at

The article is here:


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Five Years

No, Tom, I don't think Tortuguero monument 6 indicates any prophecy of a 2012 apocalypse, exscept, perhaps in the true meaning of the word apocalypse: a revealing, or revelation. But, recently, the "Pakalian group" has speculated on the meaning of one of the defaced glyphs, by looking through the FAMSI glyph catalogue. John and John (Hoopes and Jenkins) may be interested to note that they also quote from an earlier more complete translation of the text, showing date of origin of the monument in February 669 Ad. The extra word is "darkness", but what Dave Stuart would think, I have not yet checked!


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Five Years

The ancient text referred to by Bob Sitler is monument 6 at Tortuguero. It has been known of by a small group of Mayanists since the 1970s, but only came to the attention of the public, other Mayanists and anthropologists in April 2006. For the story on the "Tortuguero Prophecy" go here:

Geoff Stray

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