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Papa Keno's Pizzeria

I think so, with Rudy's a close second. I havn't had service problems and I've been there quite a few so... Selection is great, I usually get the Kid Keno. Best part is the large chunks of garlic perfectly roasted on the kid keno. They have a nice selection of Mirco-brewery beers. Also I'm from NY and this place holds its own.

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Jmlawrence is right on about the Pochi's chicken curry being better than Zen Zero's. It almost compares to the Thai House's: $5 beats $12 though. Has games to play or magazines to read while your waiting for your food (about a 10min wait, no tip required). Very friendly, family run staff. Decent selection, just added a few more entrees; milks, teas, and slushies are all great. Only drawback really is the music they play, but it can be kind of fun in small doses.

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Wheatfields Bakery

Yea, the portebello mushroom sandwich is the best deal in town, as far as quality of meal vs the price. I've had these sandwiches cost over $15 and barely have been better than wheatfield's. Their bread is the best in town and it's like $2-4 a loaf, awesome.

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I love eating cow at Culver's, great butter burger. Had a bus boy accidently throw my food away so they gave a brand new cheese burger, yay. Alot of little annoying kids and their parents, but if you go thru the drive-thru you'll miss out on the free refills.

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Vermont Street BBQ

They're service is top notch, probably the fastest deliverly in town. Not as good as Arthur Bryant's or Gates but one of the best BBQ's, if not the best, in the Lawrence area.

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India Palace

Yup, this palace is great. I'm pretty sure they're a chain, or at least they have one in Overland Park, KS. Indian food has quite possibly the most dynamic taste. Your mouth will be jumping with joy. Try the "butter chicken" the first time in. Tandoori entrees are probably the most american friendly but if you want to go all out get a lamb dish.

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