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J&S Coffee Co., Inc.

Stopping in for a cup of java is about two things: coffee and atmosphere.

If it was about getting caffeine flowing through the system, one could grab any old brew from the corner Sip 'n' Gulp, most likely a cup of bitter brown goo sitting steaming on a burner since ... well, who knows when?

For those who drink coffee for the coffee, J & S Coffee on the north side of Lawrence is creme de la creme. Fresh brewed blends. Fantastic specialties like the delightfully sinful White Chocolate Mocha. Seasonal drinks. Fresh roasted beans to take home. Several Free Trade variaties.

Coffee aside, there isn't a better place to hang out with a great novel or work the crossword in the Lawrence Journal-World. The friendly staff never hesitates to explain how drinks are made and what's in them. There is a definite hip vibe to the place.

I can't always stop in, so I keep a pound of J & S beans on hand for my morning cuppa joe. But whenever I am in North Lawrence, a stop at 6th & Wakarusa is atop my to-do list.

January 7, 2004 at midnight ( | suggest removal )