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NOLA: Housing

Thread killer or no,Terry, the planet becomes a little more neutral when you don't comment.

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NOLA: Housing


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The Death of a Beloved Rat


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The Death of a Beloved Rat

You could design a new line of polytechnics in her honor.

Ginger mist.

Thats beautiful, man.

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Eight things about me

Whew! I thought you were seeking a biblical knowledge relationship a la the Sodomites. I think it all began with my reference to usher rushing which apparently touched a nerve with you.

This makes 16 comments into a spiraling tangent to stupidity that must be some kind of record. I am feeling (I say this because I know you care) a strange mixture of self-loathing and pride.

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Eight things about me

From one troll to Another, leave me alone, Easytiger. There's apparently no way to let you down easy, tiger, so just know that I am a happily married man. We have got to stop hurting each other. Your obsession is not healthy for you, and saying mean things that you don't really mean diminishes both of us. I love you, but not in that way. Can't we just be friends? I know you probably hear that a lot, but I MEAN IT! Seriously.

I am a person.
My opinions are important.
And gosh darn it, you like me.

I am a person.
My opinions are important.
And gosh darn it, you like me.

I am a person...

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the real enemy

My thoughts? Well, Olbermann does not have dreadlocks.

From his Special Comment.

"I accuse you, Mr. Bush, of lying this country into war."
I accuse the entire congress, both sides of the aisle, of gross incompetence in authorizing the invasion of Iraq. If Bush ever faces war crimes trials, I want to see every songle "yes" vote at the table with him.

"I accuse you of fabricating in the minds of your own people, a false implied link between Saddam Hussein and 9/11." Inexcusable abdication of responsibility on the part of the intelligence committee. There are a number of countries with *actual* links to Al Queda. This does not rationalize an invasion.

"I accuse you of firing the generals who told you that the plans for Iraq were disastrously insufficient." Agreed.

"I accuse you of causing in Iraq the needless deaths of 3,586 of our brothers and sons, and sisters and daughters, and friends and neighbors." Too much credit. We should all be looking in the mirror.

"I accuse you of subverting the Constitution, not in some misguided but sincerely-motivated struggle to combat terrorists, but to stifle dissent." THIS is what I'm talking about. The same people who wonder why we didn't stop the attacks are chasing conspiracy theories and complaining about taking their shoes off at the airport. This is bullshit and blah blah. Just because Bush is an idiot doesn't mean that there isn't an entire culture being bred to kill us.

"I accuse you of fomenting fear among your own people, of creating the very terror you claim to have fought." Again. Too much credit.

"I accuse you of exploiting that unreasoning fear, the natural fear of your own people who just want to live their lives in peace, as a political tool to slander your critics and libel your opponents." This is an indictment of human nature. Pisses me off all the time, but Bush is neither the author of nor even the best at this common practice.

"I accuse you of handing part of this Republic over to a Vice President who is without conscience, and letting him run roughshod over it." Agreed. Not even the most conservative of my friends will deny with a straight face that Cheney is a opportunistic dickhead who exploited the farthest reaches of the influences of his office. The only satisfaction I have is that Cheney will have not a moments peace the rest of his life. The lawsuits have not even begun, and probably won't until he is safely out of office and enjoying a bit less immunity.

It's easy - and I mean REALLY easy - to point the finger at Rove/Bush/Cheney. But I hold the American people responsible. Conservative Republicans for the crime of ever offering this man as a presidential candidate, and Liberal democrats for not offering a viable alternative. Look at the current crop.

When Hilary Clinton is not only the most viable candidate, but possibly the only qualified candidate, then we, my fellow Americans, are in a world of shit.

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Eight things about me

Thats right Easy Tiger. Score one for you. Actually, getting removed and eliciting a removable comment is a three pointer. You earn the capitalized Troll award. That means that every time someone uses the word "Troll" in reference to you, it must be capitalized as a form of reverence. Congratulations.

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the real enemy

"I'm not some knee-jerk, dreadlocked, uninformed, convenience liberal."

Whew. Thanks for clearing that up. Frankly, I was a little surprised too. It's probably just my reading comprehension mixed with the fact that I am sitting here with my flamethrower just waiting for the inevitable string of knee-jerk, dreadlocked, uninformed, convenience liberals to start flogging the truth out of this commutation until the republicans play it into a sympathy vote next year. Family values and all.

Just me.

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Boycott Wha?


If I didn't like my fish dead, I'd almost be tempted to stop by this place. Seems they are getting a lot of free press. Unfounded allegations published on the internet give me the creeps.

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