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When in Lawrence, do as the townies do

i said that the price of housing, goods and lack of jobs prohibits many people from living here; i didn't say it prohibits minorities from living here. i am african american.

and i don't mean to be rude, but it's hard to take you seriously when you confuse your with you're. i used to be an english teacher, and it's just a thing with me. you should have learned that in elementary school.

speaking of drivers, i think drivers in lawrence are terrible (though not as bad as boston). i think it's the effect of many college kids that have lived in one stop light town their whole life and then coming to lawrence.

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When in Lawrence, do as the townies do

are you for real? you get to tell people what they can and can't be offended by? nice. i even said that i didn't think you were trying to be offensive, but to me, as a black woman, the term "you people" is offensive, hands down.

the price of land, housing and goods has kicked plenty of people out of lawrence and prohibits many people from living here.

and have you ever been to mississippi? i never saw a lack of white people in any of the towns i've been to there.

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When in Lawrence, do as the townies do

rednekbuddha, you really crack my ass up. i'm using the race card? are you serious? the term "you people" has historically been used disparingly and is offensive to a lot of people.

and i didn't realize i was getting so chicagoian or whatever. i only lived there two years, and have lived in many other cities on both coasts since. what exactly do you consider getting so chicagoian? is it just that another city does to lawrence what you do to every other city?

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When in Lawrence, do as the townies do

and i am a person of color, and it's annoying because there aren't a lot of us in lawrence. you throwing around the term "you people" is offensive to me, although i'm assuming you don't mean offense.

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When in Lawrence, do as the townies do

rednekbuddha -

1. according to 2000 census info, Lawrence has 77,700 residents, 67,500 of which are white. Yes, we're just bursting with people of color here. I have been to many Haskell activities and am glad it's in Lawrence. They only have 1,000 students. Again, not exactly a multicultural place.

2. I love that you casually throw around the term "you people". How lovely. Do you mean city people? Outsiders? GASP....non Lawrencians? The horrors!!!!!

Basically, when I moved here, I HATED lawrence. lawrence has grown on me, but i still will be ready to leave. lawrence is a nice town, but by no means different, special, unique or the wonder that everyone makes it out to be.

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When in Lawrence, do as the townies do


1. Thumptim Thai has amazing food.
2. Washburn is a great school.
3. The library kicks ass!

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When in Lawrence, do as the townies do


you hit it! that is exactly my point! i went to u of i in illinois where no one made fun of the other state schools. living in chicago i never heard anyone rip on people from other locales, nor in portland or st. louis. yes, sports fans always rip on the other team, but why are people in lawrence making fun of people in topeka? what's the point? in portland i didn't hear people making fun of those living in eugene. in st. louis we didn't make fun of kansas city. it's just bizarre to me that we can only comment on how cool lawrence is by knocking other cities around us.

of course i see joel's point, and i agree with him. there are many wonderful things about lawrence, and i do love lawrence. the idea that lawrence is so unique, is well, flawed. and i just don't see why we feel the need to rag on missouri and topeka. there are many great things about topeka. missouri at least has cities.

and yeah, the royals suck BAD. watching last night was painful.

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When in Lawrence, do as the townies do

oh monkey,

believe me, after living in lawrence for 3 years, i am well aware of how i feel about my adopted town. i do love lawrence and will miss it after i'm gone. will still be happy to leave. some people i've met in lawrence are wonderful people, some are snobby jerks. just feel you can have town pride without mocking everything else around you. also feel that the excuse "they don't hate us because of anything we do, they're just jealous is a bit played out and quite annoying."

it really isn't that confusing, monkey, lawrence is nice, but so are many other cities across the world, lawrence seems to forget that once in a while.

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When in Lawrence, do as the townies do

cfdxprt -

i have no problem with hometown pride. i've lived in lawrence for 3 years and love it here. i have plenty of hometown pride. i would agree that it is the coolest city in kansas, and that yes, lawrence beats the states we live close to, nebraksa, oklahoma, possibly missouri. i just think when we need to harass topeka and kansas city, kansas state and missouri to prove how wonderful we are, it goes too far.

i also think a lot of people in lawrence can be closed minded about the city. people act as if this is the only cool city in the world and why bother to travel or live anywhere else? what the hell kind of attitude is that? people act shocked when i tell them i'm moving in two years; they can't understand why anyone would want to leave lawrence. then again, these are the same people that have never left this town. there's a social inbreeding that goes on in lawrence. people have lived here their entire lives and rarely travel and then go on and on about how great lawrence is.

monkeywrench- if you have a valid argument, i'd love to hear it. if all you can do is throw out third grade comments, keep them to yourself.

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When in Lawrence, do as the townies do


not really refering to your column in particular (although how many of your columns have you dedicated to making fun of topeka?), just the pervasive attitude that is present everywhere in this city that this is by far the coolest city on the planet and why would anyone want to travel or GASP.... live somewhere else? it gets a little old. i was more refering to the attitude of "we're so cool, everyone envies us and there is no other place in the world as hip as lawrence."

i am tired of everyone in town telling me that i will never leave lawrence because no one ever does once they get here. i do like it here, but in two more years i will be more than ready to get the hell out of kansas.

perhaps it's because before i moved here three years ago, i had lived in st. louis, chicago, portland, madison, wi and boston. lawrence is nice, yes, but given a choice between other cities i've lived in and lawrence, i'd pick them everytime.

perhaps it's because i'm a social worker and have always lived in diverse cities and am looking around and wondering, "where are ANY people of color?"

there are A LOT of problems with lawrence, problems that most citizens choose to ignore and focus on how cool it is to live here.

there is nothing wrong with having pride in your city, as long as it doesn't come at the expense of making fun of others outside your city (um... hello, topeka?) or insisting that the reason people hate lawrence isn't because people here can be snobby or jerks, but because they are JEALOUS!

maybe it's a small mind that doesn't understand that people can love lawrence and other cities, and that loving lawrence doesn't come at the expense of harrassing others in other locales, or understanding that people can love lawrence and still see the problems here.

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