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Bye-Bye Bounty, week 22: A new way to do sweet potatoes

I've always wondered why the oven needs to be preheated for something like this---can somebody tell me? I can understand for something that rises, like bread or cake, but why for this or casseroles? Seems like a waste of energy. I've quit and had no adverse effects.

Actually, I've quit doing it for bread also and it turns out just fine.

September 25, 2012 at 5:01 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Behind the Lens: Camera tempts subjects to break the fourth wall

Most children seem to have an ability that most adults don't. They will continue about their business as though the photographer isn't there, even though they are obviously aware of her/him, and they can pose and still look natural. This kid may be hamming it up for the camera, but I don't think that means it's not a true picture of him---it says a lot about what he is.

On a little different subject, the worst thing when trying to photograph children is parents/grandparents getting involved trying to tell the child what to do. Rarely get a good picture or a true representation of the child.

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Teen wins national contest for designing outfit

Great outfit! I love the take off from a riding outfit. I remember fondly my days in 4-H.

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Style icons Keaton, Mirren provide fashion inspiration

Thanks for this---it's good advice.

Now can you tell us where we can buy age appropriate clothes? Seems like most stores either carry clothes for the below thirty set or things that are really frumpy and I wouldn't even wear when no one will see me.

February 20, 2012 at 12:06 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Lawrence Laundry: How to dress when you’re 50 without looking like you’re 80

Thanks for addressing this issue. I'm over sixty and don't want to wear "old lady" clothes, but find it hard to find suitable clothes.

"One of the biggest wardrobe mistakes mature women make is wearing big and loose clothing because they believe it makes them look slimmer and hides figure faults." Yes, yes and not just older women---that goes for all ages. What you say about make-up is also very true. I didn't believe it when I read that older women should wear pink lipstick because pink is not on my color chart (spring), but I found it is true.

Another thing that seems counter-intuitive is that older women should wear V-necks and not turtlenecks. If your skin is sagging and wrinkled (and the neck, of course, is the first to go) or you have more than one chin, turtlenecks make you look like a turtle while V-necks draw attention away from the neck.

I will disagree with you on one point---colors to wear. While one's coloring changes as you age, the colors you mentioned are not necessarily flattering to everyone. Unfortunately, the terrible lighting in most stores makes anything look bad, so you need to try colors out in daylight or under normal lighting conditions.

The biggest problem I have is finding jeans to fit. Contrary to "common knowledge" about aging, my figure has not changed all that much, but the fit of jeans has. Lands' End used to have jeans that always fit, now they have a much larger choice, but most have waistlines that are inches too big for me (same size I've worn for decades). With the low waistlines, the result is disastrous and uncomfortable. (Nobody wants to see the---well, you know what---of a 60+.) I've also noticed that now so many young women carry large stomachs---looks like they're pregnant, but months later they still look the same, so I assume they're not. What's with that? I guess the jeans are made to fit them. Does somebody know a brand where the waist is not as big as the hips?

February 2, 2012 at 1:10 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Be heart-healthy and have your eggs, too

What Gadhelyn and allanfieldhouse said.

And a great big ugh to using only egg whites for anything but meringue (where you add a lot of sugar).

What's the point? No food value and no flavor.

Eggs also supply Vitamin D.

January 24, 2012 at 5:41 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Paula Deen cooks up disappointment with diabetes drug announcement

". . . she was to be a paid spokeswoman for a diabetes drug company."

There lies the ethical problem. Type II diabetes can often be prevented and/or controlled by diet. If it's not controlled, it can have some really nasty results.

I was told more than 30 years ago that I was at risk for Type II diabetes because I have some glucose intolerance. I still eat sugar and butter, but in moderation. I exercise and keep my weight at an acceptable level and try to eat sensibly. It hasn't been that hard and my glucose levels have stayed well within acceptable limits. I consider it very unethical for her to push an immoderate diet when she knew full well what the effects could be---and then to profit from schilling for a drug to treat the disease she has encouraged.

Ms Stuke, "we" don't pat corporations on the back for behaving unethically to make money. Speak for yourself, but not for me.

January 20, 2012 at 8:13 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

The must-see performances before the 2011 Oscars

The only one I've seen is "Black Swan." I thought the movie was not believable---too many of the characters just were not believable. I was surprised that Mila Kunis was in it---she always seemed like such a lightweight actor and in this movie she didn't seem to be a serious enough dancer to even be in a national troupe let alone second to the lead. I found Portman to be so unlikable in the movie (as were most of the other characters) that in the end I really didn't care much what happened to her. She had the same distressed look on her face the whole time, never smiled or did anything to make one empathize with her.

Also didn't think it was much of a thriller and my standards are pretty low on that. Just a few kind of gross scenes.

I do credit Portman with the work she did to prepare for the movie. She was very creditable as a dancer. I think the fault lay with the director, not with her.

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