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Dead meat: The New York Times' terrible take on vegetarianism in Kansas City

Actually...being a vegetarian IS kind of hard in Kansas; it just depends on where you live. As a past resident of Lawrence, I am currently a resident in Emporia. Having experienced the luxury of having many restaurants that offer vegetarian fare, the transition to what Emporia has to offer has not been easy. Eating out at restaurants is limited to pizza, cheese and vegetable quesadillas at one of our local Mexican restaurants, or sandwiches from a sandwich joint. Yesterday, I was excited to see that Amanda's Bakery and Cafe was serving Vegetarian Chili as their lunch special...but was disappointed when it actually turned out to be more of a stew. Still, I was grateful for the meat-free option. More than once, I have been told by a waiter/waitress that the eggrolls are meat-free, only to find out that they contain pork (which, the last time that I checked, is a meat). A few weeks ago, I ordered a fried cheese ravioli appetizer; upon biting into it, I discovered that I was actually served the meat version. Living in this town as a vegetarian is extremely disappointing. Most salads do, in fact, only come with iceberg lettuce or have to be requested without bacon. The few restaurants that carry good vegetarian options, I am very grateful for. For others looking for meat-less options in smaller towns, here are some of the gems that I have found:

Do-B's: Vegaburger. They also make fantastic salads (even though I am not a salad person).
Freddy's Custard: They will substitute their veggie burger in any other burger. Try it as a Paddy Melt, if the thought of a shared grill doesn't bother you.
Taco Bell: Always a mecca of veg/vegan fare.
La Hacienda: The Quesadilla Supreme is awesome.
Casa Ramos: Many veg friendly options, including lard-free beans.
Subway, Mr. Goodcents, Jimmy Johns, Planet Sub, pizza joints...they will save you when you are hungry and don't want to cook. And, for vegans living in Emporia, Wheat State pizza now carries Daiya. :)

So, there it is. My side of the story. When I read the article "Meatless in the Midwest: A Tale of Survival", I actually shook my head with understanding quite a few times. I am an outcast here in Emporia. Even the grocery stores carry very few meatless substitutes, with Wal-Mart being my best choice to find what I need.

Still, as challenging as it is to be a vegetarian in one of the midwest's smaller, and definitely pro-meat towns (there is a Tyson processing plant located near the center of town), it is not impossible. It just means that I make a lot of meals at home, and I have a greater excitement for my visits to Lawrence.

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Man vs. Toddler

Oh Barats and Bereta...

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Kitty Reese screen printing at Blue Collar Press

Me likey. Please gimmie!

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Rudy's Pizzeria

I'll vouch for Rudy's. Their pocket-za's are freakin' fantastic. Plus, I think they are the only pizza joint in town to offer soy cheese. Add in free delivery throughout the city and unique toppings (pine nuts, avocado, etc.) and I am sold. I've never been disappointed with their crust/flavor/anything and am actually planning to eat there this weekend. I assume I won't be running into Jonathan Bright there.

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This Week In Celebrity Fail

*Deen. Whatever.

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This Week In Celebrity Fail

Booo...Paula Dean clip has been removed. :(

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Fun with Twilight

I like the sock puppet. :)

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