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May 19, 2011 at 3:12 p.m. ( )

Gran-Daddy's Q

When they are good, they are good. When they are bad, it is downright nasty. My last time eating there I ordered da bomb, what I got was a grease soaked hot dog bun and frozen potato's covered in oil. So bad my dog would not eat it, I have the video on my phone to prove it. If I had been a first time customer I may have returned demanding my money back, back but as time went on I noticed quality becoming very spotty. I use to eat here so frequently they joked about me working for them in place for food. They just became way to inconsistent. There is one guy in the back that makes food that obviously does not care, and this one employee ruined it for me, forever. If you decide to try this place I hope it is bad, cause that one time you brag it up and take friends there will be the time they really suck and you will feel like a jerk for saying how good it is. Trust me

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