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Inside the Outhouse

Bryan Hutcheson here...I used to book shows at the Outhouse as 1008 Productions (lived at 1008 Mississippi), Soyanara (with Scott Bourne) and later as Wiggy Productions. Most of the shows I booked there were in the mid- 80s. The last show I put on there was Fireparty,Fidelity Jones and Soulside, all Dischord Bands. I took a picture of one of the women in Fireparty and it ended up on the cover of one of their CDs

1991, I moved to Boston and started up my label, Wiggy records, putting out Grind/ Crust records with bands from all over the world. On the many tours I went on in Europe & US, I learned that the Outhouse had a legendary status in the punk scene.
That was kind of odd. I always thought that place was a mud-pit with an owner who always tried to stick it to me when it was time to pay for the nights rent. To later find out it had an almost mythical quality atttached to it was comical.

It was a great place to see a band.

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