Weekend Picks: Outdoor movies, Talib Kweli, another block party, 'Big Lebowski' at Liberty Hall, Nerd Nite bonus pick

Is it a festival-free weekend in LFK? Or did we just overlook this weekend's festivals? Nonetheless, we found plenty of fun for the weekend and a few events next week that deserve early mentions.

'Back to the Future II' outdoor screening, 7:30 p.m. for food and 9 p.m. for film, Thursday outside Lawrence Public Library

OK, folks, we're taking bets as to whether this event will proceed as planned.

The "Jurassic Park" screening earlier this summer was postponed because of thunderstorms in the forecast, and weather concerns also forced the recent "Back to the Future" screening to move inside Abe and Jake's.

Despite a VERY rainy start to this week, however, we've got a good feeling about Thursday night's flick. Our money says tonight's party will stay the course (at least in one alternate timeline or another, if you catch our reference!!).

This is our personal favorite of the "Back to the Future" trilogy, and it's more timely than ever, since Marty travels all the way into the year... 2015!

Don't miss out. The Facebook event page is here.

Ratboys/Spirit is the Spirit matinee show, 6 p.m. Friday at Replay

As we've noted before, people often associate Replay matinees with bluegrass, but that's not always the case, especially for the early Friday shows, which often veer into unexpected genres.

Friday's matinee features Chicago's Ratboys, who classify themselves as "post-country/indie rock." Popular Kansas psychedelic rockers Spirit is the Spirit open the festivities.

Start your evening early, enjoy some patio tacos from Taco Zone, and bask in the psychedelic post-country glow of it all. The Facebook event page is here.

Django Birthday Block Party, 6 p.m. Saturday, Sandbar

No one loves a block party more than the folks at the Sandbar. Their annual anniversary street bash is still a month away, but our clever tropical friends have found a reason to host a July block party, too.

Stop by early on Saturday as the bar hosts the official after-party for a one-day tech conference that celebrates Django, a "high-level Python Web framework" that was created right here in LFK, which you can read more about in this LJWorld story. Find all the conference details here.

The bash is slated to features buskers (they are everywhere these days) and bands, including the Douglas County Quintet, a new band made of seasoned LFK veterans including Alan Murphy, frontman of the legendary Ricky Dean Sinatra. We caught a bit of DCQ's rollicking debut at Frank's North Star last weekend. You'll want to check them out.

Find a detailed description of the festivities via the Sandbar website and check out the Facebook event page here.

Talib Kweli, doors at 7 p.m., show at 8 p.m. Saturday, the Granada

Talib Kweli's "Midsummer Night's Dream" tour is surely the highest-profile national gig of the weekend in LFK.

The acclaimed progressive hip-hop artist was a prominent voice during the recent Ferguson riots, particularly in an on-air takedown of CNN's reportage, and was recently back in the news for controversial comments about the Rachel Dolezal case.

Kweli has abandoned the major-label system (read his fascinating discussion of that decision here), and his long-awaited new album "Radio Silence" will (purportedly) appear this year. (He released a surprise album of rarities and B-sides this week.)

Space Invadas, an acclaimed Australian soul/hip-hop duo, are slated to open the show along with local hip-hop group Ebony Tusks. The Facebook event page is here.

Expect a hot, sweaty, and inspiring midsummer's night at the Granada.

"The Big Lebowski" screenings, 7 and 10 p.m. Saturday, Liberty Hall

The 14th annual Lebowski Fest occurs this weekend in Louisville, Ky., but LFK fans can celebrate on a smaller-scale closer to home at Liberty Hall.

Most of our favorite lines from the Coens' cult classic can't be printed here, but you know them all too and can hear them all on the big-screen on Saturday. We're confident the Stranger's assessment of the Dude's story will still hold true: it will make you "laugh to beat the band. Parts anyway."

More details here via the Liberty Hall site. Though the website doesn't specify, it seems safe to assume Liberty will be serving "White Russians" (or perhaps "Caucasians," to use the Dude's preferred nomenclature) to complement the proceedings.

Nerd Nite 40: Summer Shorts, 8 p.m. Wednesday, July 15, at Maceli's

Each summer the nerds of Nerd Nite take a break from their usual routine for a wild night of "Summer Shorts." Instead of three standard 15-minute presentations, this event offers a rapid-fire succession of 15 (or more) 3-minute presentations. That's right: 3-minute bursts of nerdiness.

"Summer Shorts" is a reliably a blast. Perhaps you caught our 3-minute presentation on "mumblecore films" last year? Topics this year range from lattice pie crusts to roller derby rules to the concept of "wilderness." You'll learn a lot. And quickly.

The Facebook event page is here.

Tweet us @LarryvilleLife and tell us other cool things that are on the horizon.


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