Agony Auntie M. Explains It All

This issue: What to do if you find yourself attracted to Jamie Oliver

MJ Allen

Perhaps this matter should have been addressed five years ago. But, honestly, I never thought it would go this far. It just seemed like a matter of time before the public would begin to see the light. Nonetheless, the celebrity chef phenomenon is out of fucking control. However, that topic ...

Doing it for My Country

MJ Allen

_Dear Auntie M, Like many, I have experienced a deep sadness since our last presidential election. I really didn't think I could feel worse about it, but recent events (and reading [David Ryan's blogs][1]) have pushed me even further into despondency. Witnessing the inauguration made me lose all hope. We're ...

Jerks, Quarter-pounders, and Foreigner

MJ Allen

_Dear Auntie M, What should one say to a friend who continues dating (or being married to) a jerk (or jerk-ess) and yet wants you to listen and sympathize when the object of their affection behaves true to type? --MAMAT _Dear person who asks questions in the comment section when ...

Love and Rockets

MJ Allen

_Bewildered, mankind drowns in despair. We ask ourselves, "Is there anyone out there who can inject some clarity into this ball of confusion we call a planet?" Why, yes. Yes there is... Introducing, the blog that saved the world-AGONY AUNTIE M. EXPLAINS IT ALL. Any questions, queries, quandaries or cries ...

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