Two servers serving a market perspective and assessment

South Korean online giant NCSOFT's classic masterpiece "Eternal Tower" since listing, then its ultimate effect and the gorgeous screen draw in the "World of Warcraft" system settings from around the world launched a "magic Animal World "online games after the climax, a very aesthetic trend of Korean online games. Perhaps you might ask: is the world? Xiao Bian here can tell you that, even in South Korea and Japan and our national dress clothes, there is still a considerable Aion CD Key in this part of Europe and the United States in which the player, I remember that dress, just getting on clothes, they attracted a lot of foreigner players, only for the prerelease experience. North America's largest online games site, according to MMORPG online games the past few months, looking forward to table display, "Aion" has been occupied in the first three by the majority of players are looking forward to Europe and the United States, and even foreigners players cited the "Eternal Tower" in Europe and the United States market with the "World of Warcraft," 10 Reasons to contend! There are clothes from the newly opened official website forum for U.S. popularity reflects the point of view, is extremely strong, overcrowding, evident foreigners so favorable for the player of the game. South Korea commercial rating agencies are generally optimistic about "Eternal Tower" in the prospect of European and American markets is expected to up to 80 million copies sold, with annual sales expected to more than 100 million U.S. dollars.


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