Funcom announced the latest information

Funcom announced in the company of "Age of Conan," the latest piece of information, the various relevant age of conan power leveling video also released the top piece of new information is the second video is the latest one, tells the story of a fighter into a mixed field confrontation in the glory of war. Players who want to sell gold coins of the game device by price. Transactions players play outside the service who want to sell the game currency exchange AoC power leveling rate can also be carried through the English ship. Ship's Web site is IG911. Some information from the video analysis, a new piece of information is the main enemy of the devil from hell, in support of Direct 10 video game screen in a very real, shields and armor, as well as reflective of the texture, the shadow effect so very careful. Of course, all kinds of bloody battle scenes of violence has also been more disharmony. In addition, This game currency can make a large number of games cd key like AoC power leveling, like game players traded into the game as soon as possible to make money! Game players who want to sell gold coins to the professional players can network to find the price system as well as vests credit merchant network.


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