Highlight-reel season continues

Kansas University football fans who decided the celebratory beers could wait a few more minutes received a sentimental treat after the Jayhawks' 45-7 victory over Iowa State on Saturday.It was Senior Day at Memorial Stadium, so emotions already were running high, but the real treat came postgame when the Rock Chalk Video crew cranked out a quick highlight reel recounting all of the Jayhawks' school-record 11 victories.If you've been following the season from the beginning then you're quite familiar with the plays that were included. Aqib Talib, Todd Reesing, Marcus Herford and Marcus Henry were featured prominently. The particular players weren't exactly what tugged at the emotions, however. More moving were the emotions recalled when watching those plays happen, whether in person or while screaming at the television screen, and the reminder of each final score - and each victory - that those highlights came from.Kansas never has won 11 games in a season before this year, and KU never has been 11-0 until this year. As far as numbers go, that makes 2007 the most successful season in program history. Of those victories, seven of them have happened in the friendly confines/hostile atmosphere of Memorial Stadium. Individually, none of those victories seems shocking. The full body of work, however, still seems like a dream.Some of us, myself included, expected Mark Mangino to build Kansas into a regular winner. But how many of us ever thought he'd have KU in the national championship conversation? How many of us thought we'd live to see the day Kansas was ranked No. 2, or possibly higher?In many ways, the magnitude of the Jayhawks' success still has not sunk in : or at least it hadn't until Saturday evening. After recounting each of the 11 victories, the MegaVision board read "11-0." Below the numbers was the word "undefeated."The fans who stuck around to savor those final moments roared with approval. After that, most headed back out to party or make their way home. A few more stuck around to listen to the KU Marching Band perform a few more songs in the stadium. It was one more chance to revel in the excitement that has filled this most magical of seasons in KU football.The home slate is done now, and the toughest part of the journey remains. Up next for No. 2 Kansas (Associated Press, Coaches' Poll, BCS) is a date with No. 3 Missouri (AP, No. 4 in Coaches' Poll and BCS) at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Mo. After that is a possible trip to San Antonio for the Big 12 Championship, and then a bowl game - most likely in Florida, Louisiana, Texas, Arizona or California. Regardless of what happens the rest of the way, enjoy every minute of it. We've waited a long time for this.


smerdyakov 12 years, 8 months ago

Grew up a hardcore KU basketball fan, naturally, catching the '88 championship at age 12 and seeing a string of super badass teams contend year after year in the NCAA tourney. All the while, my dad drug me to KU football games that I could have cared less about. The stadium was virtually empty year after year (except a few anomaly Terry Allen years), and we seemed to always lose. Even at home.

Those were formative years in a budding Jayhawk's life. Basketball was where my pride was firmly placed. I easily laughed off my K-State relative's barbs at Thanksgiving, never giving two shits whether Snyder's team won or lost (though, I should say, I rooted for them. I /am/ from Kansas).

Now that KU-somehow...how??-is badass at football, my entire being is transformed. I've never cared about football-period. Don't watch many Chiefs games, don't care, don't play Madden, don't ever really watch games on TV with an appreciation for strategy or skill, etc. etc. That has changed. Watching KU, I've been changed. I care.

I suddenly LOVE football. I went to the ISU game (a few days after seeing KU play Washburn) and loved that manhandling WAY more than the bball version. So much more. Sure, it helps that the football season is coming to a head, but t it was so much more spiritual watching our underdog football team dominate than watching a bball team with astronomical expectations dominate.

Damn, I hope we obliterate Mizzou. Would be very cool if we beat OU, and of course if we beat LSU. But anything after this is just gravy, really. It's just so damn cool to have a football team to care about. And I still don't really care about football. Unless it Ye Olde KU.

Chris Tackett 12 years, 8 months ago

chris, do you have any idea if that montage is online?

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