This year I will-

![][1]Here comes 2007, and with it my typical resolutions: More water, more yoga, less bacon. Stop acting on stupid ideas like, "let's get a dog!" Find a bag of money and pay off my credit cards. Stop trying the goat cheese samples at the Merc. Have fewer cussing fits in front of the kids. (I'm telling you, you people won't even know who I am.)In the Art vein, I will strive to do the following:1. Write more letters to artists I admire. This is a practice I've done in the past, and it's time to get back to it. In a junior college discussion of Dante's rapturous joy when ascending to Paradise, my instructor said that humans are happiest when giving praise. I think this is true. There may not be a better way to make art matter than to send, however small, a quiet acknowledgment to interesting, inspiring people.2. Find Rich Person, engage Rich Person in sparkling conversation, convince Rich Person to donate gallery space to cool Lawrence art people. 3. Frame the art I have. Here is a shameful confession: There are a few things we've owned for, oh, like, 10 damn YEARS sitting in the closet waiting for frames. Works we love. After framing said works, we will then resolve to build more walls to hang works on.[Begin Art field trip into Meta Blog Land: First on the framing list is a new purchase, made this week by blogger Leslie vonHolten: a portrait of blogger Joel Mathis by blogger Dave Loewenstein. Eat your heart out, Lawrence!]4. Figure out effective way to download photos that doesn't take the entire morning, then post said painting from Meta Blog Land. (But you can read more about it [here][2].)5. Hunker down at the Spencer with art journals, magazines, & books. This will be the easiest resolution to stick to. All those pricey journals, sitting there free and available-kid in a candy store, I am. Okay, I'll just get pushy here and say this should be your resolution. 6. Bite the bullet and check out more performance art. Enough said.With that, I'm on a blogging break to devote myself heart & soul to pressing work deadlines, followed by a great deal of family-induced tongue biting during the holiday roundups. Have a safe and inspiring end of the year, and don't forget, like Bryan Adams, Everything I do, I do it for you.(Image: Kurt Schwitters [German, 18871948]. _Santa Claus. 1922. Cut-and-pasted colored and printed papers on paper with card stock border.)_ [1]: [2]:


lori 13 years, 7 months ago

But, but, when I burst forth with my potty mouth, who will I point to as my partner-in-crime?! "Leslie talks like this in front of her kids, too." It will make me feel bad if I'm the only guttermouth I know. Hopefully Tim will pick up where you leave off.

thetomdotdot 13 years, 7 months ago


Use me. One small facet of the service I provide to the community. Just like on the blogs (At least my comment isn't as stupid as the dot guy's), you can always invoke my name to mitigate a cussing rage. I know the anonymity sort of softens the effect (there's this guy - I'm not as bad as him), but I'm always here for you. Unlike Leslie, whose resolve I suspect is a bit sharper than mine.

Leslie: Have a good holiday and all. I'm going to visit Clark. I mean it.

thetomdotdot 13 years, 7 months ago

Talking about Galleries and Rich guys and coops, would a virtual coop work at all?

A website that supplies the infrastructure (from exhibit to pay pal) that local artists could use. Would make it easier (read possible) for stuck in the work/child raising grind people like us to participate (read buy).

I know its not the same as bricks and mortar, and I have no idea how to do any of that stuff, but you may have connections to the proper geeks.

lazz 13 years, 7 months ago

Here's my list for 2007:

Things I'll ignore as best I can -- The car wash The gym Best-selling novels The presidential election Global warming My resolutions

hey seriously, leslie, these are wonderful and inspirational thoughts. Art-centric resolutions are always worthwhile ... fabulous observation, too, about human beings being happiest while offering praise ... maybe that's why I'm so grumpy all the time ...

leslie 13 years, 7 months ago

Lori & TheTom: My love of cussing will surely rear it's head by February. Tim's a moralist; he will not cuss in front of the kids, but I think he gets off on feeling superior when I do. He'll trap me, I'm sure, and it will be all his fault.

Also, TheTom: It's a great idea, maybe something like, yes?

Lazz: Don't give up the grumpiness: it suits you.

thetomdotdot 13 years, 6 months ago

Buy Olympia:

Uhhh, sort of. I mean, yes, the infrastructure of which I speak is there, but wow doesn't it smack you over the head. The amazondotcom of Olympian art. I guess it shows the inevitable outcome when mixing art and commerce. By the time the commerce pros get involved (volunteer or not), the counting of beans takes precedent over the aesthetic. I am sure they know what they are doing, but while they cater to the demographics and probably sell more stuff, they produce a site that I, personally, would not likely visit.

With the understanding that I am brainstorming in areas where I have no knowledge or skill, the site that I WOULD visit would be more like a gallery with an area for each artist. You know, curated and all sorta like. The ecommerce functions functional but low key. No "shopping carts". Jesus Christ, thats disrespectful. I mean, this is art. How bout a modicum of decorum?

Yes, I am already imaging some challenges that I have no idea how to overcome. It just seems that individuals are doing (or not doing) an awful lot of work independently (myspace, flickr, utube, independent sites, etc.) when the workload could possibly be shared.

Elldotcom is properly staffed and does an excellent job keeping up with calendar and editorial, so can it really be said that Dolph is not supporting the arts? This virtual gallery would just be the next step in the relationship between the artist and the community (money changing) that the paper can't take. Symbiosis and all.

Tim vonHolten 13 years, 6 months ago

"More water, more yoga, less bacon?!?!?!" this is news to me. this blog was written mere hours after an hour-long shopping spree at the meat market in swiss, missouri, ( where we walked away with at least 10 pounds of their award-winning fatty ambrosia. along with 3 pounds of cottage bacon (huge slabs of ham that merely masquerade as bacon) and hickory-smoked peppered bacon, we also acquired chorizo, maple syrup sausage, and bison bratwurst. so i guess we've got two weeks to plow through our store of ground muscle before leslie gets all vegan. and to that i say, since my children are as yet uninterested in the blogoverse and its profane charms, "three squares a day of MEATY EXCESS! fuck yeah, bitches."

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