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Damn, I love Kansas City and Kansas City's love for its artists. Yet again, the Charlotte Street Fund chose a sweeping array to honor with its cash prizes this year. In the last 10 years, the awards have been generously bestowed across genres and ages; chances are good that if you're a mover and shaker in the cow town, you too will be recognized in an upcoming year. This is not to say that the schmoozers get all the props, or that the Charlotte St. folks are whores--rather, credit is bestowed copiously. It's called big love.This year's Charlotte St. Fund exhibit, set to be at Grand Arts sometime this fall, will be an interesting curatorial puzzle. How does one display the demure Jessica Kincaid when Cody Critcheloe is in the house?And what to make of Critcheloe? "Street Jizz" was Critcheloe's submitted piece to the Charlotte St. judges. To quote the [ Kansas City Star article][1], "'I think he's amazing,' Hartman said. 'He would be easy to dismiss as an MTV type, but he was dealing with death and AIDS and promiscuity and stereotypes, all couched in humor and animation, music, video and performance.'" [Bruce Hartman is the Director of the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art and a Charlotte St. Fund panel judge.]And here is "Street Jizz" (I wouldn't say it's blue, but it may not be suitable for viewing at work.)On the walls, in the Field Shawn Bitters in Kansas City New work by Shawn Bitters will be on view in conjunction with the Southern Graphics Council Conference in Kansas City this month. "Here and Now: Kansas City Regional Prints" is at the Michael Cross Gallery and Leedy-Voulkos Art Center through March 24. Bitters is also presenting the next SEED Artists' Lecture March 29 at 4-1-1 Artspace. More information to come.John Talleur Print Studio show @ Lawrence Public Library Stop by and see the new works from the Arts Center's John Talleur Print Studio artists in the Lawrence Public Library Gallery. The show runs through March 31.Daniel Coburn If you missed the Daniel Coburn/Louis Copt show at Pachamama's, you can see Coburn's work in town at the two Lawrence Bank locations (23rd and Kasold, 9th and New Hampshire) March 26th -May 26th. [1]:


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