Phoenix Awards deadline

It's been an amazing, roller-coaster art year. Why not recognize the movers and shakers by nominating them for a Lawrence Phoenix Award???Deadline is this Wednesday, September 26!Each year, the Lawrence Arts Commission recognizes outstanding achievements in the arts with the annual Phoenix Awards. Nomination forms are available here: (click on Phoenix Awards). There are 10 categories in which one can be nominated: 1. Arts Administrator 2. Arts Advocate 3. Educator in the Arts 4. Design Arts 5. Literary Arts 6. Musical Arts 7. Performing Arts 8. Visual Arts 9. Volunteer in the Arts 10. Exceptional Arts Achievement. You can submit multiple votes in different categories (not multiples for the same person in the same category). The Arts Commission will then vote for the winners. The Phoenix Awards ceremony will be Sunday, Nov. 4. This year's awards are designed by sculptor Cathy Hale Robins.


Joel 12 years, 9 months ago

Well, Leslie, I'd say you're the person in town most deserving of the "Arts Advocate" award.

From where I've been standing, way out on the periphery of Lawrence's art world, you've hustled as hard as anyone to keep the community part of the art community vital through the 411 art lectures and through the still-coming percolator.

You've worked hard, and in so doing you've helped make Lawrence a better and more interesting place to be.

(And, full-disclosure, I consider Leslie a friend. But facts is facts.)

leslie 12 years, 9 months ago

aw, shucks, Joel. I'm just playing my part as superfan.

Now, get to nominatin'!

DOTDOT 12 years, 9 months ago

I second a nomination in category 11 - Ambassodor of Arts

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