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Soothe inner child with pacifier candies

Bethany Smith

A baby shower is a great time to be crafty, but it seems like so many mess up this fun celebration. The culprit is usually an attempt by someone to make a cake that looks like a baby. This is a bad idea because (A.) it looks too real to ...

Winning never tasted so sweet

Bethany Smith

It's a feast for the brain with a creative cupcake challenge. A friend of mine knew I loved crafts. Loving crafts tends to come hand in hand with both a love of baking and a love games. So of course I found a blog post that combined the three--crafts, baking ...

Wipe away the birthday blues with this great gift

Bethany Smith

This past week, I "celebrated" my birthday. However, when a vast majority of your closest friends are out of town on a cruise that you couldn't attend because of work obligations, little option is left for celebration. Thinking about how I had little to do aside from sit on my ...

Play with your food, make fondant

Bethany Smith

If you've ever watched Food Network's "Ace of Cakes" or a similar television show, you might have heard a strange word tossed around during the decorating process: "fondant." On shows such as "Ace of Cakes," they tend to use a rolled fondant to cover a cake, giving it a smooth ...

How to make a snowflake with a twist

Bethany Smith

Let it snow with these giant, unique and easy to create snowflakes. These are so simple you can whip them up as a quick cubicle decoration at the office or something to do at home with friends and family. Materials: 6 sheets of white paper Stapler w/ staples Tape - ...

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