How to make a snowflake with a twist

Let it snow with these giant, unique and easy to create snowflakes. These are so simple you can whip them up as a quick cubicle decoration at the office or something to do at home with friends and family.


  • 6 sheets of white paper
  • Stapler w/ staples
  • Tape - clear
  • Scissors

Step 1: Take your 6 sheets of paper and stack in a pile. Cut them into a square. A square can be obtained by folding the paper pile into a triangle by taking a corner and folding up at a diagonal. the leftover paper not in the triangle can be cut out:

Step 2: Once you have a pile of square, white paper, fold it in half like a triangle. With the creased side closest to you, cut 2-3 straight slits (starting at the creased edge) toward the point of the triangle angling in from the left. Do the same angling from the right. Do not let your slits meet at a point!

Step 3: Unfold. Take just one of the paper sheets off the stack. At the center of the paper, roll the two inner points made from the slits and overlap. Apply a piece of tape.

Step 4: Flip over. Take the next to points made from the slits and overlap them on the opposite from the innermost. Apply tape.

Step 5: Continue this process, flipping over, until all the points are taped together.

Include the outermost points!

Step 6: Repeat steps 3-5 for all six of the pieces of paper.

Step 7: Gather together all the pieces of the paper at a corner. Make sure they're all facing the same direction (biggest curve to the left or something).

Step 8: Apply a staple at the point where you've gathered the paper.

Step 9: Next, go around adding a staple to connect one piece of paper by stapling where you put tape on the outermost roll of one sheet to place where you put tape to the second from the outer on the other piece of the paper.

Step 10: Continue Step 9 until all the pieces are connected. This will complete a circle and when you step back to look, you'll see a completed snowflake. Voila!

Step 11: Decorate. A paper clip makes a good hanging tool or another piece of tape will do. Be sure to share how to do this snowflake with others and have fun experimenting with colored paper or smaller or large squares.

Happy holidays!


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