How to Get Rid of Your Old Car

No matter how run down your vehicle may be, you still have a chance of getting money for it. There are many ways to get rid of a car and you need to find what’s right for you whether you sell it, trade it in, sell the parts, junk it or give it away.

The condition of your car and your financial situation will determine the route you take. Once you’re ready to get rid of your used car, here are some of your options.

Sell your old car

An old car that is in decent working condition has resale value. Getting fair value for it depends on putting it in front of as many buyers as possible. Selling it online helps you to reach more potential buyers.

If you simply want to get rid of it quickly and the price doesn’t matter too much, you can sell it to a dealer. When you sell your car, you need to make sure it looks its best and any minor repairs are fixed. You also need to have your title ready for transfer.

Trade-in your old car

You may decide to trade-in your old car to purchase a new vehicle. Sometimes old junkers may have more trade-in value than you realize. Look for dealerships where they are prepared to accept trade-ins, even if a car is no longer running.

Some dealers even offer a minimum trade-in amount. The process is usually straightforward and you get rid of your old car with little effort on your part.

Sell the usable parts of your old car

When your car reaches the end of its driving days, you can sell its usable parts. It does require the ability to and knowledge to remove the parts. You can sell the parts online via auction websites and the like. Once you have sold all the parts, you can have the scrap metal removed for sale.

Junk your old car

One way to get rid of your car easily and quickly is to contact a junk car removal service to tow it away and give you cash for it.

Your first step when you’re considering this option is to find a junk car removal service. Searching online involves typing in “Junk My Car” and the name of your city. Several listings will come up and you need to choose the one that offers you the best deal.

Call a few junk removal services and find out what they will offer you for your car. Some online services have a form you can fill in to receive a quotation in a couple of minutes.

You may make your selection based on how soon the service can remove your car or on the price you’re offered. Reading online reviews about their services can also help you to make your decision.

In many cases, it does not matter if you don’t have your title handy because your car is going to be crushed and sold for scrap metal or dismantled for its parts.

Your car does not have to be in drivable condition and using a junk removal service means you’re saved the hassle of trying to transport it. Another advantage is that you are paid in cash when your car is picked up.

Give away your old car

Car enthusiasts enjoy rebuilding some car models. If your car fits the description, you may be able to give it away. The new owner may rebuild the car or combine it with other cars of the same make and model. Many non-profit organizations also accept old cars, which they will get towed away for you.


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