I'll Be Home for Christmas

I know everyone else already knew this, but I've just discovered that the best part of college is going home for visits.I'm finally not working weekends (first time in three years), so at the end of every week I'm faced with the most wonderful dilemma: do I stay at home in my shabby apartment, watching movies I've rented from the library and eating stale popcorn? OR, do I cough up the $25 for gas and head to ElBorak's farm to eat, drink, and be merry?This weekend, I chose the latter.There have been quite a few changes since I left home -- a new addition to the family, a remodeling of my bedroom, my oldest younger brother starting college. There are 10 more barn cats than when I left, a blossoming vinyard, and several new trees.BUT, in spite of these changes, several things remain the same: The guest bedroom/computer room welcomes me and my pile of laundry, just begging for me to stay up until 3am blogging. My father makes me chicken and rice (brown rice, not white) upon my request. This is my favorite meal, and I'm damn sick of ramen. Television. Real, live, sattelite television. Paint Shop Pro. *Fields to go run around and scream in, chase cows (or chickens, whichever), and roll around in the dead grass, looking at the clouds.I'm moving to Hawai'i at the end of December. I'm going to miss my weekends home.


Marcy McGuffie 17 years, 4 months ago

Other peeps college experiences differ soooo much from my undergrad years. For me, it was NEVER a question of whether or not to go home--it was a given. I believe there was ONE weekend I stayed in Emporia (over the span of 4 years). Oh there were some frightening ice storms...yet, I braved those highways.

Me thinks you won't be the only one missing those weekends home...

Todd 17 years, 4 months ago

It must be nice to get along with your parents this much.

17 years, 4 months ago

Actually, I only pretend to get along with that mooch because she made a new blog layout for Myopia ;)

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