Another reason not to feed babies

"Let me give you a scenerio. A guy sees you breast feeding, goes home and masturbates because he was aroused by it and lusts. Commits a sin."Which do you think is worse? (btw, the scenerio I layed out is actually much more likely to happen than yours. Mostly because the 16 month old* could have been left in the stoller in the bathroom.)" -[(link)][1] Yep.Those breastfeeding mothers, dammit, instilling lust in all our young men.What IS the world coming to?Despite all our new laws and so-called "modern thinking," it's still bad to breastfeed babies in public, lest someone start thinking about all that hot, sucking action going on.*because it's better to leave your toddler alone while you nurse your infant in a bathroom stall than to nurse where people might see you. [1]:


thetomdotdot 15 years, 4 months ago

Making pointlessly corrupt interpretations of scripture is a deeper and darker form of Onanism that the brothers and sisters are using to stumble all over each other on the other side of that link. I'm real sorry I clicked, because I think I got some on me.

The logical arguments against public breastfeeding would be hilarious if they weren't so stupid, and the issue wasn't so serious.

Just me.

Aufbrezeln Eschaton 15 years, 4 months ago

thetom, your first paragraph was like poetry, only it made sense and had a point. Okay, it was nothing like poetry, but it still rocked.

"I'm a better Xtian!

--No, I am!

Nuh-uh, Jesus loves ME more!

--No, it says he loves me more, right here in Asshats 4:20!!

Oh, crap, that's not KJV! You're an even worse Xtian than I thought!"

There. They can close down that asinine website, I just archived its entire contents right here.

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