Out of Gas! Oh No!

Last week:[(CNN) -- Call it a self-fulfilling prophecy:][1] An estimated three-fourths of gas stations in the Nashville, Tennessee, area ran dry Friday, victim of an apparent rumor that the city was running out of gas. "Everybody has just gone nuts," said Mike Williams, executive director of the Tennessee Petroleum Council. He said he has no idea about the origin of a rumor that there was going to be no gas in Nashville. One reporter called him, saying she had heard that Nashville would be without gas within the hour, he said. Hearing the rumor, drivers rushed to fill their cars and trucks.This week:[(CNN) -- Gas shortages are afflicting drivers across the Southeast.][2] Some of the problems were caused by Hurricane Ike affecting oil production and refining along the Gulf Coast, but empty gas pumps also are being blamed on the consumers themselves.I got an internet forward the day before Nashville ran out of gas from "a reliable source." The email stated that the entire country was going to run out of gas and that we should all run to the gas stations before it happened. The email also said that gas prices were going to rise to $10/gallon. Since gas here has actually dropped to $4.12, I disregarded the email and went about my daily business.But then I saw that Nashville LITERALLY ran out of gas, and I have to wonder how such a rumor got started. Just a caring citizen who wanted to warn the rest of the world of impending doom? Someone who truly believed that logically, our gas supply would run out sooner or later, and probably sooner? There's nothing like a little gossip to create a crisis. [1]: http://www.cnn.com/2008/US/09/19/nashville.gas/index.html [2]: http://www.cnn.com/2008/US/09/26/gas.shortage.roundup/index.html


Shelby 13 years, 10 months ago

Hey everybody, Lawrence and the KC metro area have PLENTY o' gas. No need to rush out and fill up all of your vehicles. Seriously, no impending shortage.Also.....isn't that grass in your front yard looking a little tall? Maybe you should go mow that grass. With your gas-powered lawn mower.Hell, it's fall now....mow that shit twice.

cleg 13 years, 10 months ago

I heard from someone traveling through Nashville that she couldn't find gas anywhere, drove around for half an hour, and finally found one gas station that had some premium fuel left. About a week and a half later I heard about it on the news. Just sayin...

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