Baghdad Blues

Make Mine a Frappe Latte FuFu.


![][1] Radar had his rabbits. Hawkeye had his still. Col. Potter had his horse. Hot Lips had her, well, hot lips. "M*A*S*H" has some similarities to the craziness that goes on around here, like how we find "special projects" here to occupy our time. Some of them are Military related ...

T-walls, Trailer Parks and Desert Dust.


![][1] When I first arrived in Iraq on my first tour I expected something more akin to the set of "Lawrence of Arabia", or other Hollywood movies I had seen over the years. I have yet to see areas such as that in the Iraq, the only camels I have ...

Back to Baghdad.


The last week or so has been a blur. Almost 4 days in airplanes and airports to get back to Baghdad. I expected the typical "hurry up and wait" from the military, unfortunately I was right. Two days were for cancelled, delayed and weather related issues for American Airlines. It ...

Living the Legacy of Abu Ghraib


Unlike Fort Leavenworth or Fort Riley there are no "Welcome to Camp Cropper" signs to leading you to this tiny little part of the Victory Base complex, I doubt if many of the GI's on this Bagdad complex could tell you how to get there. Welcome to my world. Camp ...

Hello, and welcome to my new blog


This is my first time writing a blog however I am going to attempt to document some of the things that I see and do in Bagdad Iraq. This is my second Iraq tour with the Kansas Army Guard. I previously have spent one year before north of Baghdad in ...

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