A Million Questions With Donika Wiley

A Millions Questions with Donika Wiley, whose exhibit "Heaviness" is currently on display at The Arts Center

Where were you born? Lawrence.

Traditional family or Single Parent? Single parent

High School? Lawrence High School & Lawrence Alternative Highschool

High School Mascot? LHS- Lion and LAHS- ??

Fav. Band in High School? Be Honest! I listened to a lot of Sun Records Artists and then like, Wu Tang specifically Raekwon and Method Man or I guess his name is Jesus now?

Did you take art in High School? Definitely

Fav artist in high school? I'm not sure probably Picasso

No. 1 Thing You Learned in High School? It gets so much better

Why You Chose KU? money

Most influential prof. at KU? Peter Thompson

Are you happy with that decision? what decision

Fav. Band first year in college? Radiohead

Fav. Band last year of college? Drakkar Sauna

No. 1 thing you learned in College? To not take everything so seriously

How do you feel about Lawrence? I think go through phases, like everyone, of I gotta get out of here, but really it is a great place, I wish there were many more job opportunities for artists. But the music scene is rad and when you meet musicians in other spots they totally know Lawrence.

Why did you choose the theme of your current show? I think this work has been floating around in my brain for a while now and the residency gave me time to figure it out

What inspired your current theme? The original inspiration was rock walls, either used for fencing or dilapidated rock fencing

Do you mind talking about your stage fright? I have a strong fear of public speaking or performance of any kind...I was talked into a performance class at KU by Roger Shimomura and it was my own personal hell

Do you have a twitter account? no

What dead person do you wish had a twitter account? I'm not even sure what happens, you follow people?

Thoughts on Twitter? Very bizarre I don't really understand and it is very distracting if the person you are with is really into it

Why did you choose printmaking? During school, I went on a study abroad during the winter interim and did Intaglio and I really like that process. It's like the hardest way to make a drawing and I lean toward super detailed work in my own art

Was that your major at KU? Sculpture

Do you feel like it's harder, easier, or equal being a woman in printmaking? I think it is difficult to be a woman in most artistic mediums because of the expectation of what you will make. In printmaking it is hard because of the tradition of macho dirty dudes making big cock art and you have to be cool with that or else you're uptight and then you have to share a shop.... It's the same in sculpture

What's the future of printmaking? Back to tradition, less digital

Who are your fav printmakers? Kiki Smith Don Ed Hardy Bob Anderson Audry Neffenegger, there are tons

Fav local printmakers? Reaching

Fav LIVING artists? Joanna Jackson, Sophie Calle, Ron Muek, Joseph Grigley

Fav DEAD artists? Margaret Kilgallen, Eva Hesse, Caravaggio

Fav Band? maybe Cave Singers right now

Best musical show you've been to all year? Bonnie Prince Billy

Best art show you've been to all year? Cris & Chuchotements

Fav. William S. Burroughs literature? A Thanksgiving Prayer

Fav. Wes Anderson Film? Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

Fav. Jim Jarmusch film? That's right... Down By Law- so awesome

Fav. Sonic Youth album? Dirty

Fav. Musical Genre? Blues

Sexiest song you've ever heard FOR REAL? My Mind is Ramblin' (sung by Black Keys)

Most inspirational film or documentary you've seen? Man On Wire

Fav Bill Murray Film? Lost in Translation

Fav Comedian? David Cross

How do you feel about color in prints? Great

Why do you choose the colors you do? I spend a lot of time mixing color and getting it just right

Porno? "The Pornographic Discours is part of the strategies of violence which are exercised upon us: it humiliates, it degrades, it is a crime against our 'humanity'". - Monique Wettig

Boxers or Briefs? Boxers

How was your experience at the Lawrence Art Center? The residency was perfect timing for me, I was extremely productive and I am really happy with the work I made

What advice do you have for young artists applying to Art Centers around the world? To be open to what you will create when you are given this great amount of time

Fav Actress? Frances McDormand or Charlotte Gainsbourg

Fav Actor? Sean Penn- don't be a hater

Fav Teen Idol? old- Corey Haim new- Zach Effron, duh

How do you feel about thongs? that's so 2002

What about bikini briefs on men? If is feels good do it

The Smiths or Morrissey?(sic) Morrissey

Fav Food? Seafood

Beer or Wine? Beer

Fav Drink? Water

Fav soda fountain selection? Don't drink it but used to be a suicide

Fav gas station in lawrence? The Yellow Pile- try to figure that one out

Fav restraunt in lawrence? Zen Zero

Fav store in lawrence? Wonder Fair

Fav websites? Fecal Face

Beards? Beards are awesome

Thoughts on Marriage since you were recently married? Love wins!

Thoughts on thoughts? thinking is good

A.D.D. #1 (Original A.D.D. Mixtape) Download here


akelly 13 years, 6 months ago

Donika is a babe! Great show at the Arts center!

megiddo 13 years, 6 months ago

Donika prefers Morrisey to The Smiths? What rational human would have such an opinion?! Sickening. Now I need to get drunk.

Jason Barr 13 years, 6 months ago

Nice, glad 2 C the comments! Yeah!!!!!!!!

Shelby 13 years, 6 months ago

Good to see you back in action, Barr!

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