MidxMidwest fest brings a ton of bands to five venues over two days

Jake Wise has organized a whole slew of local unsigned bands for a packed, multi-venue, two-day fest taking place at R Bar, 610 Fla., the Gaslight, 317 N. Second, the Pool Room, 925 Iowa (listed here at Barn Yard), Bottle of Blues, 1801 Mass., and Allstars, 913 N. Second. It's free. Here's a lineup by location and date.

R Bar, Friday:

Lonnie Fisher 5pm

Jonathan Woods 6pm

Liberty Mae Hollis 7pm

Rhonis 8pm

Shark Bait 9pm

The Monarchs 10pm

Moon Runner 11pm

Counterpoint 12pm

R Bar, Saturday:

500Bc 3pm

The Waterdog Nation 4pm

Rachel Black 8pm

Blue tick hounds 9pm

The Alright 10pm

Gravity Defied 11pm

Scrappy’s Attic 12pm

Gaslight, Friday:

Jonathan Woods 3pm

Rockin Robbin Sings 4pm

Dave Kemper 5pm

Frank Prophet 6pm

Ryan Tenholder 7pm

Shoefly 8pm

The Bus Company 9pm

TBD 10pm

Gaslight, Saturday:

Jonathan Woods 2pm

Outlaw jt 3pm

Michael Dieker 4pm

Blue Baby 5pm

Outlaw Jake 8pm

Jimmy Earle 9pm

Jesse Lee 10pm

Jacob Whallon 11pm

Lonnie Fisher 12pm

Barn Yard, Friday:

TBD 4pm

Chad Gorrell and the Southbound Outlaws 5pm

The Clementines 6pm

Stacy Stringer and the Dead Ringers 7pm

Rythem Busters 8pm

Randy Burk 9pm

Frank Prophet 10pm

Outlaw Jake and the Chain Gang 11:00pm

Old#5’s 12:00am

Barn Yard, Saturday:

Dillon Cowing 3pm

Rachel Black 4pm

Open Jam 5pm-7:30PM

The Walltalkers 8pm

Rumble Seat Riot 9pm

Rotgut Ramblers 10pm

The Magnificent Bang Bangs 11pm

Famous Seamus and the Travelbongs 12pm

Bottle of Blues, Friday:

Moon Runner 2pm

Ryan Harvey 3pm

Kink Alfred 4pm

Mojo National 5pm


The Great Lonnie Ray 7pm

Urban Boundary 8pm

Bloom 9pm

Without Warning 10pm

Shark Bait 11pm

Bottle of Blues, Saturday:

Metal For Breakfast –

Distric-9, Ask an Adult and others TBA

(This is a hard core rock show that is serving bacon eggs toast hash browns and exc.. good way to start the morning.) 8am-10:30am

Books of Bokonon 12pm

Scott Morel 1pm

Swift Kick 2pm

Doulos 3pm

John Weick 4pm

Michael Murphree 5pm

Ms. Clever/New Kold Krew 7pm


Strat Gazer 9pm

Johnnie Booth 10pm

Rotgut Ramblers 11pm

Rumble Seat Riot 12pm

Allstars, Friday:

Anthemous/TEAM99% 11pm

Jon Sabillonpm 12pm

Allstars, Saturday:

Michael Mead 10pm

Young Stone 11pm


johnnyquest 5 years, 9 months ago

Amazing that with all of the talented hip hop & electronic artists, as well as Dj's, in the midwest not a single one is playing at any of these events. "All unsigned bands of all kinds of music" seems to be a fairly misleading marketing tool.

Talia Jael 5 years, 9 months ago

I see days listed but no actual dates. Is this tonight and tomorrow?

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