8 things to do this weekend

With the supposed end of the world and at least the end of the shopping season, this weekend may be a bit of a weird one. There's still plenty to do, assuming the area isn't plunged into either a snow-covered or Revelations-style, fire-and-brimestone apocalypse. (It won't be ... though who knows about the snow.)

As always, get in touch if I've missed something, if you've got something coming up (let me know if you have events the week of Xmas! Pretty please?) or you just want to say hello. Email alexcgarrison@gmail.com or tweet @alex_garrison.

Thursday local music: Bass Function with Heartscape Landbreak @ Jazzhaus

Experimental folk group Heartscape Landbreak is one of my (admittedly many) favorite acts to go see at the moment, and I reckon even good enough to brave the cold for. This show will also have electronic dance DJing to help get your body moving and warm you up. $3 cover; 9 p.m.

Thursday comedy: Gallimaufry @ Bottleneck

Comedy shows have increased in frequency across town (here's hoping in quality, too) over the last few months, and though I haven't taken part myself, I've heard good things. This one includes stand-up from locals Brad Ellis, Grasshopper, Julie Brooks and several open-mic-ers. Organizers aim to make this event a weekly. Starts at 8 p.m. and is free.

Friday end-of-the-world parties

They abound. No promises that any would be the best way to spend your final moments on Earth, but perhaps they'll be nice distractions before the whole seven seals thing starts. Here's a few:

Solstice Party @ the Percolator

I reckon this is the pick for hippy-ness factor. (I say that affectionately.) From 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., you can unpack your baggage (metaphorically), evaluate your burdens and "get on board Timeship Earth 2013" by taking part in a drum circle.

The Ants & The Recessionists @ the Replay

The girl-group soul of The Recessionists offer some R&B for the end of the world. Kicks off at 6 p.m.

The Band that Saved the World @ Jazzhaus

If you're looking for a more mellow end — or a classic funkier one — the longtime local funky cover band is playing for $5.

Friday local music: The Hips & Monsoon Lazer @ Replay

After the end-of-the-world early show, The Hips & Monsoon Lazer are going out with a bang and an album release. The last time I saw the Hips was at Love Garden this summer, but they're old hats on the scene and well worth a listen.

Saturday entertainment: Miracle on Mass. Street burlesque @ Granada

It's a holiday show that's both naughty and nice. Local troupe Foxy by Proxy's show promises to be a classy, costumed evening of entertainment. Read Sara Sneath's story for more. It starts at 8 p.m., is 18+ and $8.


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